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New Levelroad

Dear Thorium WoW players, due to so many new players leaving the server because they don't really understood how the leveling system works we decided to finally open up a level road and that's not all, this level road comes with few surprises and here they are. The level road is just an addition to our main leveling system, you can still level up in dungeons or world areas if you want to feel a bit of blizzlike environment but still with high stats.

Changes and additions

  • -Few legendary weapons can be farmed in level area, you have to colect 100 shards of that specific item and turn it into a weapon

  • -Killstreak level will count in levelroad for players under level 255

  • -A new rule been added about farming in levelroad

  • -Due to the recent problems with the server we decided to add a triple donation points giveaway for every donation

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