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Tier14/VIPs Update 2.0

Greetings Thorium,

With the latest additions to the realm with the Equipment Upgrade NPC, here comes our next biggest addition to Thorium which will change the way we play and design things and this is where we need your opinions.

Currently, our VIP instance is lacking in flavour and spice. Only allowing players who purchase our VIP rank access to the upgrading of their donation weapons/offsets along with unique/custom companions, mounts, transmogrification items and visuals.

Well, this idea is to implement to our newest Upgrade NPC - the option to upgrade Tier 14 into Donation Gear via aton of materials and requirements (Especially from our VIP Instance)

So this is where we want your opinions.
So feel free to post your replies/feedback and feel free to give this poll a vote!


Thank you for reading and regards from all of the Thorium Team,
Co-Owner and Head Developer,
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