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Thorium Update 3.3! - UPCOMING THINGS

Greetings Thorium,

As you have probably guessed it from the teaser picture, we have some BIG news for you as we have a rather large update coming soon and this announcement will just go into detail on some of the new changes which will be coming to Thorium. Lets begin shall we!

First thing first,


What comes with a new race... is new content, content being that WARLORDS OF DRAENOR is finally coming to Thorium! That's right, we'll be adding brand new mounts and transmogrification sets / items from 6.0.1x!

With an addition to these brand new mounts... most of the new mounts have been rescripted and redesigned so that they are usable as both a ground mount and flying mount! (Depending on said mount)

Meaning you can rock out that sweet new mount without the need of going to anywhere other than Azeroth to use it!

Here's a few previews below as to what is coming!

A few more added additions which will be coming in this new update will be the following and these changes/updates can ALL be followed with our new changelog via the forums so you guys aren't left out.

But expect the following aswell;

A Massive stat squish to all items/armor sets, this will improve the balance of PVP and PVE Aspects to ensure a more fair gameplay so players aren't feeling the need to use which ever class deals the most damage or which class can survive the longest.

TIER 16! Will be released aswell, meaning Non-VIPs will be able to once more upgrade and progress their end gear!

And more information will be added soon!
Keep your eyes peeled on the website and forums,

Battle on Thorium!
Co-Owner & Head Developer,

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    We've done a lot of work so far , i am almost done with Shado Pan Monastery
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    meh knuckles is not impressed

  • Oh well fauxie, looks like a lot of work to meh! Please don't overwork yourself hun. greetz. jen ♥
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    We are close to a beta release guys, stay tuned and join us on discord to be up to date with the changes https://discord.gg/dE662rs

  • Hello, GM I do not know why I've been banning it a long time ago, and I'm sorry for what I've been doing, please remove it so I can play and help server
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    Well this looks awesome guys! keep up the good work and keep up our beloved server! //Facepalm aka Snow <3
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    nice :D
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    This looks so good!! I'm so hyped!
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