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Changelogs from our website and forum

Rise of The Fallen 255

Changelogs from Progressive 255 High Stats Realm

Class Changes

Changes related to classes

Rev: 431 By 27 February 2018 Updated Rules

-Rule #14 updated, text changed to clarify issues with wording.

-Rule #23 removed. And added into rule #14.
Rev: 388 By 3 January 2018 *Updated Download link for Patch-4
Rev: 374 By 16 December 2017 -Updated Refund & Transfer Guide
Rev: 360 By 9 November 2017 -Fixed top voters of the month script now showing the right accounts in the list
Rev: 335 By 16 October 2017 -Fixed game master visibility on website
Rev: 334 By 15 October 2017 -Updated our discord widget link and chanel
Rev: 333 By 15 October 2017 -Increased referral system security to avoid any possible abuse
Rev: 331 By 15 October 2017 -Improved referral UI for a better understanding and easier usage
Rev: 330 By 15 October 2017 -Added referral counter + link to referral mod in your account information table
Rev: 329 By 15 October 2017 -Fixed Race Count in Realm Statistics
-Fixed Registration nickname duplication
-Added some improvements to registration panel, now it is saving data in case you got something wrong
Rev: 322 By 20 September 2017 -Added Real Time visitors counter
Rev: 313 By 16 September 2017 -Updated connection guide
-Updated crash prevention guide
-Updated patch-4 download link
Rev: 311 By 14 September 2017 -Updated the guide section
Rev: 295 By 28 August 2017 *Updated Patch-8

*Added new download links on the main website
Rev: 292 By 27 August 2017 -Updated the Connection Guide to add links for Patch-5.
Rev: 271 By 23 June 2017 -Added vote postback for xtremetop100
Rev: 260 By 2 June 2017 -Updated change password guide
-Updated vote guide
-Added guide how to obtain pandaren cloaks
-Added Teleporter stone guide
Rev: 259 By 1 June 2017 -Added search function for guides
-Updated Transfer Guide
-Updated connection guide
-Updated guides page, for a more user friendly experience
-Updated Vip Benefits guide
-Added Player Commands Guide
Rev: 257 By 30 May 2017 -Added player extra flags module in backend
-Removed staff members from rankings
Rev: 252 By 27 May 2017 -Added realm statistics
-Added Killstreak statistics
Rev: 241 By 11 May 2017 -Reduced warrior rand bonus taken from attack power
Rev: 235 By 3 May 2017 -Added 9 more vote sites in vote panel
Rev: 221 By 11 April 2017 -Added online players module on website
Rev: 212 By 19 March 2017 -Updated the nickname system on the website.
-For extra security purpose we decided to completely hide account names from the website ensuring that no personal data will ever be made public.
Rev: 161 By 4 January 2017 Fixed vote system
Rev: 158 By 2 January 2017 Added New vote system
All modules in account panel are now working
Added a Completely new News system with comments
Updated the change nickname and change avatar systems
Added countdown timer until vote top resets
Updated guides page to make guides easier to reach
Updated change logs page to add the author of the log
Rev: 154 By 28 December 2016 Added new spam protection on forum
Rev: 151 By 4 December 2016 -Added a new rule,please read the rules page
Rev: 149 By 2 December 2016 -Fixed top voters of the month script
Rev: 137 By 9 October 2016 Added PVP ladder
Rev: 135 By 8 October 2016 Added the current month toplist
Moved downloads on the sidemenu to make things more visible
Rev: 134 By 8 October 2016 Added top voters of the month reward module
Rev: 119 By 12 September 2016 -Removed the PVP realm from website counting
Rev: 109 By 2 September 2016 Fixed higher ranks color issues
Rev: 107 By 30 August 2016 Due to security issues password reset/change function was turned off and email port was closed on our server
Rev: 105 By 22 August 2016 -fixed status for the PVP realm
Rev: 97 By 8 August 2016 Move the website to another host for a faster database connection
Emails were stopped and reset password function might not work anymore due to the same issue we had last year, a very bad security issue we will work on a ingame reset password function for players
Rev: 95 By 2 August 2016 Fixed descriptions on vote and donate buttons
Rev: 94 By 2 August 2016 Fixed UCP permissions
Rev: 91 By 31 July 2016 Added new vote site OnTop500
Rev: 89 By 28 July 2016 Fixed links and rewrite the connection guide
Added mediafire link for patch-F
Rev: 88 By 28 July 2016 Added facebook global button
Added global mini ucp under main menu
Fixed minor bugs and flaws
Rev: 86 By 27 July 2016 various fixed on current enabled modules
Rev: 85 By 24 July 2016 Fixed retrieve and change passwords redirects
Rev: 84 By 24 July 2016 Fixed shoutbox account name color
Rev: 80 By 24 July 2016 Fixed PVP realm statistics now showing the right values
Fixed shoutbox rank colors and icons
Fixed character on first login not showing nickname
Rev: 79 By 24 July 2016 Fixed Account panel username showing wrong username