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Changelogs from our website and forum

Rise of The Fallen 255

Changelogs from Progressive 255 High Stats Realm

Class Changes

Changes related to classes

Rev: 432 By 28 February 2018 -Leveling road instant resurrection was turned off and replaced with an enhanced spirit healer. What this creature does? Easy, he saves your last death location and can easily teleport you back to that location. Free for characters with level lower than 255 and 200 MC for level 255 characters.
Rev: 427 By 5 February 2018 *Added all WOD CM Weapons for 200 vote tokens,
*Updated Dragon Aspect Malygos' Gossip_Menu,
*Fixed several tooltip errors on the MOP CM Boxes,
Rev: 426 By 3 February 2018 *Added Poseidon (New World Boss),
*Added three new upgradable tabards,
*Added rank 10 of the tabards to the Preview Vendor,
*Added new world boss daily quest,

*Fixed and updated all upgrade offset icons to match rank 10,
-This items include Onyxia's Signets, Mathystra's Necklace, Murkdeep Offsets and Karazhan trinkets,

*Fixed 'Staff of the Universe' to now be an actual Staff and sits on your back correctly,

*Lowered the requirements for the Sayge Scroll Quests,
Rev: 425 By 1 February 2018 -The quest "A Trade for a Trade" now rewards 25x of all material types instead of choosing a single stack of 50.

-Revamped and added more daily profession quests
Rev: 424 By 31 January 2018 The following materials have had their BuyCounts fixed and their tooltips corrected;

Jewelcrafting (Materials)
Elemental (Materials
Minerals (Materials)
Device (Materials)
Cloth (Materials)

All that's left to fix is;

Metals / Stone (Materials)
Leather (Materials)
Herb (Materials)
Enchanting (Materials)
Meat (Materials)
Rev: 423 By 25 January 2018 -Moved Gubbler blump to Murkdeep so players can upgrade their offsets easier.

-Updated the description tooltips for all Murkdeep offsets.
Rev: 422 By 25 January 2018 -Reduced the health pools for the Reef Crawlers around Murkdeep and Darkshore by 5% roughly.
Rev: 421 By 25 January 2018 -Spawned Conqueror Wayne (New Offset Upgrade NPC) outside EACH Tier Instance

-Reduced the Health Pools for "Slags" in Normal and Heroic Halls of Lightning (Tier 15)

-Moved the Lure/Starting Quest Points for Murkdeep and Big Bad Wolf next to the world bosses accordingly
Rev: 420 By 25 January 2018 -VIPs can now exchange the following items daily, at the VIP Instance;

25x Donator's Daily Tokens for 10x VIP Leveling Commendation Marks
25x VIP Leveling Commendation Marks for 10x Donator's Daily Tokens
Rev: 419 By 24 January 2018 -Increased quantity of corrupted skeletons and flowers in emerald forest.

-Added all herbs from classic-Wotlk to profession zone.
Rev: 418 By 24 January 2018 Added instance upgradable offsets(Rings, Trinkets, Necklace)
Added instance souls required for offset quests
Rev: 417 By 24 January 2018 *Buffed the haste for all PVE Legendary cloaks (Note; the following items)

-Qian-Ying, Fortitude of Niuzao
-Fen-Yu, Fury of Xuen
-Jina King, Kindness of Chi'ji
-Xing Ho, Breath of Yu'lon

Base cloaks now have 600 haste,
Rank @ cloaks now have 1200 haste,
Rank @@ cloaks now have 1800 haste,
Rev: 416 By 23 January 2018 *Updated Xur'ios Gossip_menu
-Moved all mounts, companions, custom mounts, custom companions, and voting transmogrification items to Xur'ios for Curious Coins, ranging between 70 - 200

*Increased the drop rate for Curious Coins
*All PVP Mounts now cost 20,000 Honor Points up from 40,000 Honor Points
Rev: 415 By 22 January 2018 *Updated the tooltip description for "Kings' Frostmourne" - now "Lich King's Frozen Heart"
Rev: 414 By 22 January 2018 *Fixed the tooltip description for "Broken Shadowmourne Shard", "Shadowmourne Shard" and "Frostmourne Shard".

*Removed the cap and increased the amount per stack for each "TOC Weapon Shard" listed above.
Rev: 413 By 22 January 2018 *Updated the drop rate for Transmogrification Tokens in the transmogrification zone.
-Mini bosses will now drop 100 per kill
-All basic creatures will now drop between 80 - 95 per kill

*Updated both daily quests in the transmogrification zone.
-Now requires 15x of each creature killed instead of 25
Rev: 412 By 22 January 2018 *Added twelve color variants for "Fu Zan, the Wanderer's Companion" under the Monk Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

*Added twelve color variants for "Maw of the Damned" under the Death Knight Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

*Added Eight color variants for "Talonclaw" under the Hunter Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

(Please note - Patch4 has been updated, please do so in order to see the new fixed textures / particle adjustments)
Rev: 410 By 17 January 2018 *Added four color variants for "Legionterror" under the Warlock Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

(Please note - Patch4 has been updated, please do so in order to see the new fixed textures / particle adjustments)
Rev: 409 By 17 January 2018 *Added six color variants for "The Highkeeper's Ward" under the Shaman Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

(Please note - Patch4 has been updated, please do so in order to see the new fixed textures / particle adjustments)
Rev: 408 By 16 January 2018 *Added four color variants for "Shield of the Sea Queen" under the Shaman Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

*Added four color variants for "Sharas'dal, Scepter of Tides" under the Shaman Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

*Added four color variants for "Scepter of the Deep" under the Shaman Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

*Added four color variants for "Serpent's Coil" under the Shaman Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

(Please note - Patch4 has been updated, please do so in order to see the new fixed textures / particle adjustments)
Rev: 407 By 16 January 2018 *Added three color variants for "Fangs of Ashamane" under the Druid Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

*Added one color variants for "G'Hanir, the mother Tree" under the Druid Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

*Added one color variants for "Titanborn" under the Shaman Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

*Added one color variants for "Titanborn" under the Shaman Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

(Please note - Patch4 has been updated, please do so in order to see the new fixed textures / particle adjustments)
Rev: 406 By 16 January 2018 *Increased the drop rate for 'Corrupted Ashbringer' from 12% up to 25%

*Increased the drop rate for 'Onyxia's Potion of Rage' from 1% up to 5%
Rev: 405 By 12 January 2018 *Added two color variants for "Ghostblade" under the Rogue Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

(Please note - Patch4 has been updated, please do so in order to see the new fixed textures / particle adjustments)
Rev: 404 By 12 January 2018 *Added four color variants for "Elite Magus" under the Mage Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

(Please note - Patch4 has been updated, please do so in order to see the new fixed textures / particle adjustments)
Rev: 403 By 12 January 2018 *Added four color variants for "Night's Vigilance" under the Druid Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

(Please note - Patch4 has been updated, please do so in order to see the new fixed textures / particle adjustments)
Rev: 402 By 11 January 2018 *Updated Broxel Goldgrasp Vendor

*Reloaded Npc Vendor

*Added A Few Missing Shirt Transmogrifications now purchasable For
100 Mercenary coins.
Rev: 401 By 10 January 2018 *Updated Archmage Frostie's GossipMenu

*Added the following set for transmogrification,

*Wrathful Mainsets

*Wrathful Offsets

*Horde Legacy / Alliance Legacy Mainsets Coming Soon!
Rev: 400 By 10 January 2018 *Updated Archmage Frostie's GossipMenu
*Added the following sets for transmogrification,


And matching offset parts.

*Wrathful will be added soon.
Rev: 399 By 8 January 2018 *Added five new color variants for "The Stars' Design" under the Mage Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

(Please note - Patch4 has been updated, please do so in order to see the new fixed textures / particle adjustments)
Rev: 398 By 7 January 2018 -Reduced HOL creature and boss damage
Rev: 397 By 7 January 2018 -Reduced price for permanent zerks to 80 DP and we are going to refund those who already bought them
Rev: 396 By 6 January 2018 -Reduced the spam generated by online reward script
-Added a refunder for old gems
-Added Level donator gear to refunder item list
Rev: 395 By 6 January 2018 *Added three new color variants for "Essence of Calm" under the Monk Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

(Please note - Patch4 has been updated, please do so in order to see the new fixed textures / particle adjustments)
Rev: 394 By 6 January 2018 *Added four color variants for "The Highkeeper's Ward" under the Shaman Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

(Please note - Patch4 has been updated, please do so in order to see the new fixed textures / particle adjustments)
Rev: 393 By 5 January 2018 *Added two color variants for "Pride of the Sunstriders" under the Mage Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

(Please note - Patch4 has been updated, please do so in order to see the new fixed textures / particle adjustments)
Rev: 392 By 5 January 2018 *Added three new color variants for "Thal'kiels Visage" under the Warlock Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

(Please note - Patch4 has been updated, please do so in order to see the new fixed textures / particle adjustments)
Rev: 391 By 5 January 2018 *Added four color variants for "Ascended Watch" under the Priest Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

(Please note - Patch4 has been updated, please do so in order to see the new fixed textures / particle adjustments)
Rev: 390 By 4 January 2018 *Added two color variants for "Ghostblade" under the Rogue Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

(Please note - Patch4 has been updated, please do so in order to see the new fixed textures / particle adjustments)
Rev: 389 By 4 January 2018 *Added three new color variants for "Touch of Undeath" under the Death Knight Artifact Tab in the Transmogrification zone.

(Please note - Patch4 has been updated, please do so in order to see the new fixed textures / particle adjustments)
Rev: 387 By 3 January 2018 *Added all the Custom Transmogrification Wings for 15 Donation Tokens each.
(Note: these wings will still be obtainable during world events and/or seasonal events)

*Updated Dragon Aspect Halion's GossipMenu.
Rev: 386 By 3 January 2018 *Increased the drop rate for all Tier Instance Fragments by 70% down from 20%.
Rev: 385 By 3 January 2018 *Added Four new Paladin Legion Artifacts to the Transmogrification Zone

*Added the Legion Artifacts "Talonclaw" under the tab 'Hunters' in the Transmogrification Zone.
Rev: 384 By 2 January 2018 *Removed the daily outside TOC for Arthas Menethil (Chosen Champion)
*Added new world boss daily to Archmage Evalong in the Global Mall

*Updated the Quest_Templates
*Updated the Quest_Texts
*Updated the Quest Rewards
Rev: 383 By 29 December 2017 - Reduced materials drop values by 2x due to a miss calculation
Rev: 382 By 27 December 2017 *Fixed all base donation weapons not being able to be enchanted.

*Fixed level requirements on all donation base weapons.
Rev: 381 By 21 December 2017 *Reverted all changes to Archmage Raine and Gubber blump

*Xavius, the champion of Thorium now has a new and improved GossipMenu
which shows all Rank 10 Weapons, Offsets and Tier 15
*Improved the GossipMenu for Algalon in our VIP Instance to now show Level 3 Donation Gear Previews

-Still a work in progress
*Updated Rank 1, 2, 3 PVP Gear Sets - including new names, tooltips and PVP set bonuses for each class,

*Haris Pilton went missing! And has now been re-added back to the Global Mall
Rev: 380 By 17 December 2017 - Also added karazhan obtainable trinkets to raine preview wise.
Rev: 379 By 17 December 2017
Rev: 378 By 17 December 2017 - Gubber Blump Now previews the @@2 murk items.
Rev: 377 By 17 December 2017 - Added [email protected] onyxia rings and [email protected] reputation rings to the raine npc for beginners to see.
Rev: 376 By 17 December 2017 - Now all tier vendors show t15 tier gear instead of t14 gear.
Rev: 375 By 17 December 2017 -Fixed Upgrader, now it's only showing the upgradable items in the list
-Fixed Enchantment descriptions glitches
-Fixed stats on gems
-Changed the price for profession materials
-Added profession Missions
-Added upgrading materials as drop in every custom instance
Rev: 373 By 16 December 2017 -Changed the price for donation transfers, it now cost 1 Transfer Token no matter the value you send
-Added a transfer token that cost 5DT/stack, various ways to add that token will be added later
-Buffed most of the enchant existent ingame including default gems
-Enchantments price from enchantment NPC were changed
-Brought back the gem quality for default gems
-Brought back the gem detacher, NOTE !! It only work for default gems not custom ones
Rev: 372 By 11 December 2017 *Added several new usable scrolls for Non-VIPs
*Added Sayge Buffs as a new usable scroll
Rev: 371 By 5 December 2017 -Implemented Reward for playtime, every hour you play you will receive 100*each material, 3 daily coins, 1 Old God Box
-Implemented Reward for players online, every day this automatic event will start, once there will be 30 players online , each online player will receive a reward that would be 1000*each material, 10*daily coins, 5*Old god boxes, 1 Donation Token
Rev: 370 By 5 December 2017 -Fixed the upgrader, it is not crashing the server anymore
Rev: 369 By 3 December 2017 -Fixed upgrader script
Rev: 368 By 3 December 2017 -Reduced world boss shields
Rev: 367 By 25 November 2017 *Moved all transmogrification NPCs from our global mall to our new transmogrification zone.
Rev: 366 By 25 November 2017 *Added five new transmogrification helmets to the Ethereal Soul-Trader for 1,000 Ethereal Credits each;

-A Tiny Viking Helmet
-A Tiny Princess Hat
-A Tiny Hat of Stars
-A Tiny Hat of Tentacles
-Darkmoon Top Hat
Rev: 365 By 23 November 2017 -Fixed World Boss scripts
Rev: 364 By 22 November 2017 *Added two new Legion Transmogrification tints;
Truthguard (Paladins) & Stormbteaker's Fist (Shamans)

*Slightly buffed the drop rates for;
Shahraz's Left and Right Warglaives of Azzinoth

*Updated the tooltips for both Left and Right Warglaives of Azzinoth

*Adjusted Spirit of Olum slightly in Black Temple so players can skip High Warlord Naj'entus and Surpremus with ease.

Rev: 363 By 16 November 2017 *NPC Changes*

-Updated Archmage Evalong Gossip_Menu / UI

-Added new daily quests, Wanted: Onyxia's Lair / Wanted: Gnomeregan

-Updated Archdruid Kiandroth Gossip_Menu / UI

-Updated Archmage Raine Gossip_Menu / UI

*Item Changes*

-Removed all upgrade quests for Strength, Spell & Agility shirt of the Deceiver
-Once you have completed the first quest for the base rank, you can now use the Upgrade NPC to upgrade your shirts.

-Revamped the requirements slightly

Rev: 362 By 10 November 2017 -Reduced stats on donator druid gear
Rev: 361 By 10 November 2017 -Added some HOL uber weapons for 3 daily tokens you can use that weapons to easy farm HOL
-Removed BG defense buffs due to players finding a lot of ways to abuse them
-Added onplace respawn on levelarea
Rev: 359 By 9 November 2017 -Added a leveling mark dropped by every leveling creature
-Replaced the Vote Tokens cost of leveling heirlooms with the new leveling commendation
Rev: 358 By 8 November 2017 -Reduced world boss damage reduction from 99% to 90%, that will make a huge difference compared to the current amount of damage + zerks on
-Reduced World Boss damage from 50% * Target HP to 30% * Target HP, note, boss deal this amount of damage once 5-10 seconds
-Reduced parts amount required for tier 15 to 155, note parts were turned into personal loot so each of your group members can get them and there's no need to roll on them.
-Reduced amount of parts required to upgrade VIP gear as follows Lvl 1(35), Lvl 2(70), Lvl 3(140)
-Increased Drop Chance and Amount of Weapons Fragments in Level Road
-Added Weapon fragments as a choose reward on level road quests
-Removed upgrader summon function from super hearthstone
-Added upgrader companion
-Added the upgrader companion on reagent vendor and first level road quest

Rev: 357 By 8 November 2017 *Reduced the prices for all Transmogrification vote items from 250 to 150 vote tokens.

*Reduced all Challenger Sets from 300 to 200 vote tokens.
Rev: 356 By 8 November 2017 -The following vote items have been changed to "Binds to Account"

*Hood of Hungering Darkness
*Jewel of Firelord
*Crown of Eternal Winter

*Gentlemen's Shade
*Lord Walden's Top Hat
*Replica Shado-Pan Helmet

*Rhinestone Sunglasses
*Energized Retinal Armor
*Reinforced Bio-Optic Killshades
*Plasma Mechshades

*Doomed Crown of Lei-Shen
*Crown of Flame & Pauldrons of Roaring Flames

*Butterfly Sword
*Butterfly Sword V2
Rev: 355 By 7 November 2017 -Slightly reduced world boss damage reduction
-Turned gear pieces into personal loot so everyone in group can get them
Rev: 354 By 7 November 2017 -Flask of Noob Power now cost 5 Donation Tokens and/or 200 Vote Tokens
(Was 10DT and/or 300 VT)

-"Event Crate of X" has now been renamed to "Loot Crate of X"

-All three Loot Crates can now be bought for 800 Vote Tokens from Prince Keleseth
Rev: 353 By 7 November 2017 -Added Aegwyrm to the Emerald Forest,

-Added several new exchange quests to Aegwyrm,

-Added Corrupted Skeleton Souls, Coins of Ancient Celestial & Celestial Fragments to Aegwyrm for Curious Coins,

-Added Aegwyrm, Book of Ancient Keepers aswell for 200 Curious Coins,

-Changed Aegwyrm, Book of Ancient Keepers to 'Binds on Pickup',

-Creatures no longer drop Aegwyrm, Book of Ancient Keepers,

-Updated Xur'ios Gossip_Menu

-Added Black Resonating Qiraji Crystal to Xur'ios for Curious,
Rev: 352 By 5 November 2017 -Added a spell staff for shamans
-Added tier 15
-Added 3 levels upgrades for VIP Armor
-Turned custom gems into partial enchants(this fixed the issue but broke the gems visuals on items however gem bonuses still work)
-Fixed client crash issue
-Removed Gem Retriever until it get fixed
Rev: 351 By 31 October 2017 -Rescripted The Chosen Champion
Rev: 350 By 30 October 2017 *Made some minor changes to the PVE Cloak questline to ensure less bugs occur.

-Chapter III: Thre Strength of One's Foes
No longer requires 500 of each crystal but instead only 250

-More changes will be added shortly.
Rev: 349 By 30 October 2017 *Made some minor changes to the PVE Cloak questline to ensure less bugs occur.

-Chapter XI: The Thunder Forge
No longer requires 2,500 Corrupted Skeletons, Coins of the Celestial Ancients, 5000 Celestial Fragments, 30 Ancient Daily Coins and 150 Champion of the Trial Emblems

But now requires 1000 Corrupted Skeleton Souls, 1000 Coin of the Celestial-Ancients, 2000 Celestial Fragments, 25 Ancient Coin of Daily Recognition and 100 Champion of the Trial Emblem

-More changes will be added shortly.
Rev: 348 By 30 October 2017 *Made some minor changes to the PVE Cloak questline to ensure less bugs occur.

-An Eye for an Eye?
Now requires 3 Kosumoth the Hungering eyes rather than 5

-Chapter IV: Judgement of the Black Prince
No longer requires 500 of each crystal and now requires three unique quest items which can be looted from Gruul's Lair, Onyxia's Lair and Karazhan

-Chapter VII: A Test of Valor
No longer requires 1,000 Coins of the Celestial Ancients but instead now requires 500

-Chapter VIII: The Cleansing of the Forest
No longer requires 500 Skeletons being slain and 1,000 Corrupted Skeleton Souls but instead now requires both 250 Skeletons slain and Corrupted Skeleton Souls

-More changes will be added shortly.
Rev: 347 By 30 October 2017 - Rescripted Murkdeep
Rev: 346 By 29 October 2017 - Rescripted Archimonde
Rev: 345 By 29 October 2017 -Added a new XP random buff in leveling zone
-Turned transmogrification area into a Sanctuary zone
-Prepared a new area for a generic mall
Rev: 344 By 27 October 2017 -Added a new "Invisible Offhand" for transmogrification

-Added Transmogrification Zone

-Added several new Legion Artifacts for transmogrification
(Added a new currency; transmogrification token)

-Reduced the respawn timer for all creatures in the Transmogrification zone to 5 minutes

-Fixed the loot_template for "Minions of Weavil" in the Transmogrification zone

-Applied some minor changes to the Rank 1 & 2 daily quests for the PVE Pandarian cloak
(Note: you will no longer be required to loot a 'Sha Crystal' to complete the quest)

-Updated the "Portal to the Heavens" to "The Verdant Fields Portal"
(Updated the location/area to prevent less bugs & issues when it comes to creatures spawning and their GUIDs)
Rev: 343 By 23 October 2017 *New Donation Offhand is now refundable back to its original price via the refund command.

*This includes levels 1, 2 & 3
Rev: 342 By 23 October 2017 -Fixed casters Gear armor values
Rev: 341 By 20 October 2017 -Added soloable content for Halloween event
-Added one more buff for leveling zone that works in parallel with the other one increasing your xp gaining rate by 100% in total
-Added 1 quest for Candy Corn, you have to kill Mutated Pumpkin Soldiers for materials
-Mutated Pumpkin Soldiers give Killstreak points / kill
Rev: 340 By 18 October 2017 -Spawned T1 questgivers in Onyxia's Lair
Rev: 339 By 18 October 2017 -Started Hallow's End event
-Fixed Horseman's soldier spawn time
-Rotated Horseman's Shields
Rev: 338 By 17 October 2017 -Increased the maximum amount of Fine Crab Chunks from 100 to 500 and stack to 250
Rev: 337 By 16 October 2017 -Fixed event cache reward quest
-Fixed leveling XP bonus buff
Rev: 336 By 16 October 2017 -Added a custom random XP buff in level road, you have a 15% chance to get that buff while killing creatures in level area. This buff increases your XP rate by 50% and damage dealt by 10%
Rev: 332 By 15 October 2017 -Fixed Tier 1 requirements
-Added lifesaver potions to refunder
Rev: 328 By 2 October 2017 *Recently added a new donation offhand for 10 donation tokens.
*Added upgrade versions for VIPs only.

-Will be added to the refund command at a later date.
Rev: 326 By 26 September 2017 -Fixed gem retriever, it will no longer allow stacking up to 2 poisons/weapon
-Added icons to leveling dungeons
-Changed Trial of Crusader icon and name into Frozen Council Weapons
-Changed the icons to various World Boss
Rev: 324 By 25 September 2017 -Fixed azzinoth weapons quests
-Fixed Mournes quests in TOC
Rev: 323 By 25 September 2017 -Fixed Murkdeep's item bonuses
-Added level limit for Level road
-Ended Pirate Event
-Forbidden every zerk from SW, HOL and Vaults of Archavon
Rev: 321 By 19 September 2017 -Fixed Pirate's event teleport
-Increased Gold value dropped by every custom creature
Rev: 320 By 19 September 2017 -Fixed Hearthstone->Level Dungeons->Shadowfang Keep teleport
-Launched a Pirate's Day Event
Rev: 319 By 19 September 2017 -Added VIP offset upgrades to upgrader NPC
Rev: 318 By 18 September 2017 -Fixed Upgrader npc required level check. Now you won't be able to upgrade unless your character level is high enough for the upgrade like this you won't have to check the mailbox every time you login
Rev: 317 By 18 September 2017 -Increased XP rate by 2x
-Fixed and added back .thw combat
-Added a new line in .ks stats that will show you how many points you get according to your current location
Rev: 316 By 18 September 2017 -Made Radiant Crystals unbound(Require players to clear cache)
-Rescripted killstreak system
-Added HOL in killstreak system
-Fixed killstreak kills giveout
-Killstreak system now only gives you one crystal type / 10 kills same ratio, amount is equal to your level
-Slightly increased the amount of KS for lower instances and reduced a bit the amount in higher instances
-HOL gives the most KS due to creatures killing difficulty
-New KS system under testing
Rev: 315 By 17 September 2017 -Nerfed HOL boss time between critical hits
-Added all gems into our upgrader
-Added all weapons and upgradable offsets in upgrader
-Changed description for all upgradable items
-Added character retriever NPC
Rev: 314 By 16 September 2017 -Merged patch-4 and 5 so instead of having 2 patches 4GB, now you have just one patch 3.2GB, decent size for all the content it provide.
Rev: 312 By 15 September 2017 -Added Tier 1 quests in level area
-Removed level requirement for level area teleport
-Completely forbidden home binding in VOA and HOL
-Remove Tier 1 loot from level boss
Rev: 310 By 14 September 2017 -Added 2 custom enchants AP/SP dropped in HOL Heroic (5% drop chance)
Rev: 309 By 14 September 2017 -Doubled stats on custom gems
-Added 7 donation meta gems (as a test for custom meta gems)
-Fixed zerks as they were not usable anywhere on the map
Rev: 308 By 12 September 2017 -Fixed creatures HP in HOL
-Fixed dual stats gems
Rev: 307 By 12 September 2017 Hearthstone Changes
-Removed Level Zones
-Added Halls of Lightning under custom zones
-Moved upgrader summon under player service
-Moved Trial of Crusader under Weapon Upgrades
-Moved Emerald Forest unde custom zones

Most recent update additions
-Added a new group instance ( Halls of Lightning )
-Added 284 Custom Gems
-Added gems vendor VT/DT
-Added a gem disenchanter
-Added gem dust required to upgrade legendary gems into artifact gems
Rev: 306 By 11 September 2017 *Updated Arch Druid Kiandroth's Gossip_Option
*Added several new exchange service quests for crystals / picked heads
Rev: 305 By 10 September 2017 -Added upgrader in pocket teleporter
Rev: 304 By 10 September 2017 -Fixed item upgrader it won't wipe all your materials anymore
-Added tier 1 as drop on level boss
-Removed tier 1 from Onyxia
Rev: 303 By 9 September 2017 -Removed all tier quests
-Added tier 1 sets as drop in Onyxia's lair
-Added instance key parts as drop in Onyxia's lair
-Added a new upgrading system way more advanced because you don't have to unequip/reequip the item and you will also keep the sockets and enchants
-Spawned the upgrader at every instance entrance
-So far only tier quests were replace with the new system, later all upgradable items will be added
Rev: 302 By 8 September 2017 *Updated the Vote Vendor / VIP Vendor with new companions for Vote Tokens and Golden Tokens
Rev: 301 By 6 September 2017 -Updated all transmogrification weapons and their descriptions/icons,
-Added several new cosmetic items to the Ethereal Soul-trader,
-Added several new Legion transmogrification weapons to VOA,
-Added a few new vote token mounts and one new VIP mount,
-Fixed several tooltip errors & mistakes,
Rev: 300 By 1 September 2017 -Removed .thw combat command due to abusive usage, if you get stuck in combat please exit the game force (alt+f4) and reconnect
Rev: 299 By 31 August 2017 -New Global Class Trainer added
-Fixed all tier set bonuses for T14/Donation Gear
Rev: 297 By 31 August 2017 -Increased XP rate by 1x
-Reduced the amount of materials given by killstreak system by 70% due to a material overflaw
-Added a global class trainer
Rev: 296 By 28 August 2017 *Added 255 Level Token for 5dp to Prince Keleseth
*Added a new Crate of Berserks for 250dp to Prince Keleseth
*Updated Deathknight Tyrannical's gossip_menu
*Fixed several tooltip errors/mistakes
*Fixed Mote of Light with a new transformation spell
*Fixed Scroll of Visuals: Scourge Chains with a new spell type
Rev: 293 By 27 August 2017 -Added several new transmogrification weapons for Vote Tokens and to our VIP Instance.

-Added several new visuals to our VIP Instance.

-Added several new mounts for Vote Tokens.

-Added the option to exchange 30x Kill Tokens for 2x Warsong Gulch Marks of Honor.

-Fixed an issue where the Karazhan Haunted Trinkets weren't dropping as intended. (again)

-Buffed the drop chance/rate for Fragments of Val'anyr in Karazhan.

-Removed the requirement of "Rotting Bags" from the Withered J'im Exchange bag quest.

-Fixed several tooltip / description errors.

[Bonus] - updated the Connection Guide (See Website - Changelog for more information)
Rev: 291 By 23 August 2017 -Fixed an issue where the Karazhan Haunted Trinket(s) weren't dropping as frequently as they were suppose too.

-Updated the PVP Transmogrification Vendors,

-Added PVP Transmogrification Weapons,

-Converted all the prices from Honour Points into Mercenary Coins for the PVP Transmogrification Vendors,

-Fixed several grammar mistakes on items / tooltips,
Rev: 290 By 22 August 2017 *Fixed the health pools / level ranges for several NPCs in the Global Mall.
Rev: 289 By 21 August 2017 -Added new Class Specific Withered J'im backpacks,
-Updated Corpsegrinder,
-Added Exchange quest for the old backpacks into the new ones,
Rev: 288 By 17 August 2017 *Added several new pets for vote tokens to Prince Valanar.
Rev: 287 By 17 August 2017 *Added several new companions for sale outside the VIP Instance

*Updated the following spells with new and improved models
-Treant (Druids)
-Summon Imp, Felhunter, Voidwalker, Inferno (Warlock)
-Water Elemental (Mage)
Rev: 286 By 17 August 2017 *Updated the Tier Set bonus for Priests & Death Knights.
Rev: 285 By 16 August 2017 -Tier 14 & our Donation Gear has been updated with their own Tier set bonuses.

(2) Set: When your Deep Wounds ability deals damage, you have a 3% chance to gain 16% attack power for 10 seconds.
(4) Set: You have a 20% chance for your Bloodsurge and Sudden Death talents to grant 2 charges of their effect instead of 1, reduces the global cooldown on Execute or Slam by -1500.0 secs, and for the duration of the effect to be increased by 100%.

(2) Set: The critical strike chance of your Shadowbolt, Incinerate, Soulfire and Corruption spells is increased by 5%.
(4) Set: Each time your Immolate and Unstable Affliction spells deal periodic damage, you have a 15% chance to gain 10% damage done by you and your pet for 10 secs.

*Shaman - Attack Power
(2) Set: Increases the damage done by Lava Lash and Stormstrike by 20%.
(4) Set: Increases the frequency of Maelstrom Weapon being triggered by your melee weapon attacks by 20%.

*Shaman - Spell Power
(2) Set: Increases periodic damage done by your Flame Shock ability by 20%.
(4) Set: Your critical strikes from Lightning Bolt cause the target to take nature damage equal to 8% of the Lightning Bolt's damage over 4 secs.

(2) Set: Your Rupture ability has a chance each time it deals damage to reduce the cost of your next ability by 40 energy.
(4) Set: Increases the critical strike chance of your Hemorrhage, Sinister Strike, Backstab and Mutilate abilities by 5%.

(2) Set: Increases the damage done by your Devouring Plague by 15%.
(4) Set: Your Mind Blast also grants you 240 haste rating for 4 secs.

*Paladin - Attack Power
(2) Set: Your melee attacks have a 40% chance to reset the cooldown on your Divine Storm ability.
(4) Set: Your Seals and Judgements deal 10% additional damage.

*Paladin - Spell Power
(2) Set: While your Divine Illumination talent is active, your healing spells are 35% stronger.
(4) Set: Your Holy Shock spell causes the next Holy Light you cast within 10 secs to have -1300.0 sec reduced cast time.

(2) Set: Your Hot Streak, Missile Barrage, and Brain Freeze talents also grant you 12% haste for 5 secs when the effect of the talent is consumed.
(4) Set: Your Mirror Image ability also causes you to deal 18% additional damage over 30 secs.

(2) Set: Your Auto Shots have a 5% chance to cause you and your pet to deal 15% additional damage for 10 secs.
(4) Set: When your Serpent Sting and Wyvern Sting abilities deal damage, you have a 5% chance to gain 20% attack power for 10 secs.

*Druid - Attack Power
(2) Set: Your Rip lasts for an additional $;s1 seconds, and your Lacerate deals an additional 5% damage.
(4) Set: Increases the duration of Barkskin by $;s1 seconds and decreases the cooldown of Tiger's Fury by $;s2 seconds.

*Druid - Spell Power
(2) Set: Your Moonfire ability now has a chance for its periodic damage to be critical strikes.
(4) Set: Increases the damage done by your Starfire and Wrath spells by 4%.

*Death Knight
(2) Set: Your Obliterate and Scourge Strike abilities deal 10% increased damage, and your Heart Strike ability deals 7% increased damage.
(4) Set: Whenever all your runes are on cooldown, you gain 3% increased damage done with weapons, spells, and abilities for the next 15 secs.
Rev: 284 By 16 August 2017 -Updated the Water Elementals model for Mages.
Rev: 283 By 15 August 2017 -Added several new visuals to our VIP Instance
Rev: 282 By 14 August 2017 -Profession Vendors for Materials no longer cost Mercenary Coins.
Rev: 281 By 12 August 2017 *Updated the price requirements for our VIP instance.
*Added several new transmogrification items for golden tokens.
Rev: 280 By 10 August 2017 *Added several new transformation / vanity toy items to the Ethereal Soul-Trader
*Updated the BOE World Boss Epic weapons with new models (See Patch-8)
*Fixed several tooltip and item errors.
Rev: 278 By 3 August 2017 *Rank 10 Agility, Spell & Strength Shirt of the Deceiver now has a new use effect. -Increases all statistics by 8% and all ratings by 130. (10 minute cooldown)

*Ethereal Soul-Trader now sells a collection of new vanity toys & transformation items between 1,000 to 5,000 Ethereal Credit.

*Fixed several tooltip and item errors / grammar mistakes.

*Trash creatures in VOA has had their HP lowered.

*Bosses in VOA has had their HP lowered.

*All loot tables in VOA has been adjusted slightly / trash creatures now drop loot.

*VIP Instance quests have been adjusted slightly.

*Added several new transmogrification items to Master Barnes in the mall.

Rev: 277 By 29 July 2017 *Tier Upgrade NPCs have been updated to now preview Tier 14 pieces.
Rev: 276 By 26 July 2017 *New and improved Gossip_menu for our donation vendor

*Added several new Cataclysm/Pandarian mounts for 300 vote tokens each

*Added Scroll of Titan's Grip for 1,000 vote Tokens

*Reduced the price for Adrenaline Boost from 100 vote tokens to 50

*Added several new transmogrification items for 250 vote tokens

*Butterfly Sword & Butterfly Sword V2 has been re-added back for 250 vote tokens

*Updated the gossip_menu for Blood-Queen Deathwhisper (now explains how to obtain our VIP rank)

*Fixed several tooltip & spelling errors on items

*Added Reins of the Vicious War steed & War Wolf to Remorseful Gladiator Fauxieshaux for 60x Warsong Gulch Marks each

*Updated the rewards for the PVP quest "Glory, Honor and Death to all"

*Added new transmogrification NPC(s) in the global mall

*Increased the drop rate / chance of Golden Tokens from the VIP instance
Rev: 275 By 20 July 2017 *Added a Portal to the Mount Preview Zone behind Prince Valanar in the global mall.
Rev: 274 By 20 July 2017 *New Transmogrification vendor added in the global mall

*Prince Valanar has been updated to sell CATA/MOP mounts and pets for vote tokens
Rev: 273 By 17 July 2017 *New Farmable quests added to the VIP Instance
*Custom mounts from Cataclysm and Mists of Pandarian
Rev: 272 By 10 July 2017 *Enabled Leveling Road for testing,
*Added Leveling Road Questline,
*Added Upgradable Leveling Weapons,

Rev: 270 By 23 June 2017 Added Four Lootable Gobjects;

*White Murloc Egg
*Blue Murloc Egg
*Pink Murloc Egg
*Orange Murloc Egg
Rev: 269 By 21 June 2017 *Added two new Wanted: daily quests for Murkdeep & Big Bad Wolf
Rev: 268 By 19 June 2017 *Updated Ethereal Soul-Trader's Gossipmenu
*Added new vanity and cosmetic items

*Updated and fixed some tooltip descriptions for several items

*Appearance: Corrupted Ashbringer added to the Legacy Transmogrification Vendor

*New Legion PVP items added
*New Legion Vote items added

*Added 2v2, 3v3 & 5v5 Arena Organizer
*Added Arena Battlemaster for Rated and Skirmish Arenas

*Fixed the health pool and level of several creatures

*Increased the spawn rate for Corrupted Emerald Fowers

*Increased the Stack size for all Crystals
*Increased the Max limit for all Crystals

*Added new Tabards for Transmogrification from Cataclysm & Mists of Pandarian

*Added several new Transmogrifications from Cataclysm & Mists of Pandarian

*New Dailies added to Archmage Evalong
Rev: 266 By 5 June 2017 -Removed meta sockets from every offset, players can now get a maximum of 2 meta sockets on helmets and necklaces
Rev: 263 By 2 June 2017 Picked Murkdeep heads and Picked Big Bad Wolf heads can now be stacked to 500 with the max cap now being 5000.
Rev: 262 By 2 June 2017 -Nerfed Battle Buffs
-Buffed all buffs you receive from .thw buffs
Rev: 255 By 30 May 2017 -Set refund price for every donator item
-Fixed some minor flaws on killstreak system rewarding engine
-Added donator gear refund command
-Added donator tokens send command
Rev: 254 By 27 May 2017 -Updated patch-8.mpq
-Fixed the amount of rewards given for leveling up
-Replaced Ks leveling toc boxes with killstreak pouches
-Added Killstreak leveling pouch
Rev: 253 By 27 May 2017 -Added worldboss to killstreak list, 200ks/kill for everyone in group
-Added group points distribution for the killstreak system
-Updated killstreak rewards for every level
-Added killstreak commands .ks stats and .ks save
-Updated killstreak system saving engine
-Changed killstreak system points distribution
-Updated killstreak system to v2.0
Rev: 250 By 22 May 2017 -Removed the reset function from ks system when you reach level 255
-Added TOC to KS system counting
-Added Emerald forest to KS system counting
Rev: 249 By 21 May 2017 -added double XP during weekends on the killstreak system
Rev: 248 By 20 May 2017 *All donation Items (including offsets & Bags) now require level 255

*New Druid Legion Appearances added for 30x WSG Marks and 600x Vote Tokens

*Added Faction / Race Change tokens for 350 Vote Tokens each

*Fixed Several tool-tip errors on items / descriptions
Rev: 247 By 16 May 2017 Corrupted Skeleton Souls, Celestial Fragments, Coins of Ancient Celestial Fragments and all materials based around the Emerald Forest is now PERSONAL loot. No longer will groups need to roll for them.
Rev: 246 By 16 May 2017 *Added Rank [email protected] and Rank [email protected]@ for all Legendary cloak quests
*Added New Emerald Forest Boss
*Updated Creature_Loot_Template
*Updated Quest_Template
*Updated Item_Template
Rev: 245 By 14 May 2017 -Added VIP instance to Killstreak Instances List with a 5 KS/Creature
-Changed pve killstreak rewarding formula to ITEM * (KILLSTREAK.LEVEL + PLAYER.TOTALPLAYTIME(DAYS)) EX: KS level 10 + 10 DAYS PLAYTIME = 20 * Materials
-Created a new battleground killstreak with pvp rewards
-Removed Player kills from actual killstreak
Rev: 244 By 13 May 2017 -Updated bg winning marks to give triple tokens during the weekends
-Updated Killstreak system to give more rewards
-Removed mana wraiths from Nexus
Rev: 243 By 13 May 2017 -Chapter VI: Judgement of the Black Prince - The requirement to kill Ragnaros has been replaced with Gruuls Lair.

-Updated Prince Valanar's Vote GossipMenu

-Added new transmogrification sets, weapons and misc items
Rev: 240 By 11 May 2017 -Removed honor rewards from quests due to some players abusing and not reporting some bugged quests
-Added a PVP cloak upgradable quest
Rev: 239 By 6 May 2017 -Fixed killstreak system
Rev: 238 By 3 May 2017 -Fixed leveling system exploit, added a twinking check to the system
-Added the posibility to check the killstreak system in .thw stats command
-Increased killstreak max level to 10
-Increased the killstreak kills requirements for rewards
Rev: 236 By 3 May 2017 -Added level ranges to dungeons
-Added the level 255 token to a quest in The Barrens , you can take the quest from the Lost Muel
-Reduced the ancient boxes given by the level system
Rev: 234 By 30 April 2017 -Fixed killstreak leveling exploit
Rev: 233 By 30 April 2017 -Added level boss level range, if a player level is higher by 50 than boss level he will be automatically killed
Rev: 232 By 30 April 2017 -Update creature level range for killstreak system so the creature must be 3 levels lower or higher than your level to avoid high level over farming for Ancient Boxes
-Removed the posibility to teleport inside VIP instance
Rev: 231 By 29 April 2017 -Added starting Heirloom quests in every area continued by the weapon of choice quest
-Updated Seal of Corruption and Seal of Veangeance and reenabled them for testing, not if they are stil broken we are going to disable them again for further checks
-Fixed Spell tooltips
-Added dungeon teleports in hearthstone
-Fixed leveling weapons
Rev: 230 By 27 April 2017 -Updated Ethereal Soul-Trader Fothcrah's Gossip_Menu
-Added a new collection of Legacy Legendaries for Transmogrification
Rev: 229 By 27 April 2017 -Removed Kel Thuzad's mind control from Chosen Champion
-Fixed Kosumoth Teleport
-Fixed level tokens
-Removed Demons Souls in a Jar due to the damage overflaw it creates
-Fixed Naxx 25 HC creatures HP
Rev: 228 By 26 April 2017 -Updated Prince Valanar's GossipMenu
-Added new Legion Models for Vote Tokens
Rev: 227 By 25 April 2017 -Added Pet Aggro Spell to starter and level ranged weapons
-Improved Level Boss drop now each boss drop 2 weapons and 2 offsets / kill
-Added level offset as drop to level boss
-Changed Kosumoth The Hungering teleporting point
-Updated killstreak system now kills does not reset anymore and extra XP keep increasing
-Added TOC weapon shards in Old Gods Box 5% drop chance between 1 and 20 shards/loot
-Added King's Frostmourne as drop in Old Gods Box 5% drop chance to 1 piece
-Removed Resilence from Onyxia's rings and updated the haste value
-Removed Resilence from Karazhan trinkets and updated the haste value
-Removed Resilence from Mathystra\'s Lost Amulet and updated the haste value
-Update Spell Power on upgradable offsets
Rev: 226 By 21 April 2017 *Fixed the health pool for the following creatures;

-Murkdeep Adds
-Big Bad Wolf Adds
-Corrupted Emerald Skeletons
-Corrupted Emerald Flowers
Rev: 225 By 19 April 2017 -Spawned Heirloom Vendor in every starting area
-Added Heirloom offsets
-Fixed Battleground Queue
-Fixed instance creatures HP
-Fixed World Boss HP
-Applied leveling update
Rev: 224 By 17 April 2017 -Added a Seasonal Vote Tokens to Donation Tokens daily quest available until 23rd of April
-Done minor fixes on engineering scrolls
-Added a creature killing token worth 8 Donation Tokens
Rev: 223 By 11 April 2017 -Fixed Shaman Ghost Wolf model, is not going to appear as a blue/white square
Rev: 222 By 11 April 2017 -Increased Ancient Gear drop chance
-Added Ancient Box as drop in Nexxus, Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
-Added Ancient box as drop in TOC and buffed the drops in TOC final chests
Rev: 220 By 9 April 2017 -Updated nobblegarden vendor with the new wings
-Added back the old wings models
-Fixed the /o chat not being able to whisper by clicking on player name
-Brought back the /o chat and replaced the joining channels one
-Fixed Chocolate Eggs , they are not disappearing anymore
Rev: 219 By 2 April 2017 -Updated NPC_Vendor table
-Updated Gossip_Menu table
-Updated Item_Template table
-Updated UI Menu for Remorseful Gladiator Fauxieshaux
-Added Legion PVP Transmogrification items
Rev: 218 By 31 March 2017 -Reduced mage polymorphs cooldown to 10 seconds from 15
-Added 5 seconds CD on Devouring Plague to avoid spamming the spell due to high haste
-Increased World Boss DPS
-Fixed Spell tooltips
-Added cooldown on reset CD function due to too many abuses
-Added PVP quarter in mall guard teleport
-Updated mall guard, set up the right path for transmogrification area
Rev: 217 By 30 March 2017 -Added pvp gear
-Added PVP gear vendors
-Fixed minor flaws in pvp restrictions script
Rev: 216 By 30 March 2017 -Added pvp gear
-Added PVP gear vendors
-Fixed minor flaws in pvp restrictions script
Rev: 215 By 27 March 2017 -Updated both vote tabards with a new unique effect.

@@@@@@@@@@Magical Hastings Tabard
@@@@@@@@@@Strengthful Hastings Tabard

Now increase your movement speed by 30%.
Rev: 214 By 22 March 2017 -Updated Creature_Template
-Updated Npc_Vendor
-Updated Item_template (Mounts are no longer race or faction restricted)

-Added Argent Tournament mounts outside Trials of the Crusade
-Grand Crusader Maxillimous can be found outside of 'TOC'.
Rev: 213 By 20 March 2017 -Added block value and fixed Armor Value on shields
-Added Ranged stats to bows
-Added Mark of honor, requirement for the pvp gear
-Added Old Gods ancient box ingame, not added yet as loot
-Applied a security patch
Rev: 211 By 16 March 2017 -Changed the USE on battle cloaks
Rev: 210 By 16 March 2017 -Updated BG Chests loots
-Updated PVP token
-Added the Old School Warsong Gulch battle tokens (*requirement for the upcoming pvp gear)
-Fixed Battleground End messages
-Changed the chance on hit on Two Hand maces with the fiery effect
-Started bazar chat channel for selling and buying stuff
Rev: 209 By 13 March 2017 -Battle Defense Buffs were turned into Death Persistent buffs and removed from .thw buffs
-Deserter was enabled and reduced to 5 minutes
-Fixed buffing system, now unequiping and re equiping gear in bg won't allow you to get other buffs than you max saved HP
Rev: 208 By 12 March 2017 Added BG buffs
Rev: 207 By 12 March 2017 -Changed website background please clear browser cache
Rev: 206 By 10 March 2017 *Transmogrification Update

-Updated Prince Valanar's GossipMenu
-Added Challenger Armour Sets
-Added Challenger Transmogrification Loot Chests
-Reduced Transmogrification Vote Weapons & Misc all to 250 vote tokens.

-Added Kor'kron Dark Shaman Set
-Added Kor'kron Transmogrification Loot Chest

-Removed custom vote mounts until further notice
Rev: 205 By 10 March 2017 The staff team has conquered the challenges to bring you some very special armor pieces! We're willing to share these with all of you as long as you're willing to pay us for it anyway...
Rev: 204 By 9 March 2017 Ethereal Soul-Trader Zan'tar was added to Darkshore alongside his fellow Ethereal-Traders, offering a variety of armor pieces to sell to the populus.
Rev: 203 By 8 March 2017 Arch-Druid Kiandroth has returned to Darkshore with some new interesting items that he found on his journey! He seems to have found a plethora of crystals, and is willing to share them with all of you.
Rev: 202 By 8 March 2017 We've released a new daily quest for the VIP instance Vault of Archavon! Slay the mighty giant and collect his heart for extra rewards!
Rev: 201 By 7 March 2017 -Fixed The Chosen Champion cloaks
-Fixed Thori'Dal the Stars Fury quest, up to [email protected]
-Added old materials Exchanger
-Removed Empty Vial of Infinity
-Added timer on old materials, you have 3 hours to exchange them before they auto delete
Rev: 200 By 7 March 2017 -Updated Xavious, Champion of Thorium with the new Rank [email protected] weapons for previewing.
-Added Rank [email protected] Offsets for Previewing aswell.
Rev: 199 By 7 March 2017 -Fixed the Karazhan Reputation Ring Quests
Rev: 198 By 4 March 2017 -Donator's Daily tokens and Vip leveling commendation mark were added as drop in Vault of Archavon
Rev: 197 By 4 March 2017 -Increased Vip daily quests rewards
-Added 2 more Vip daily quests
Rev: 196 By 4 March 2017 -Changed Vip Upgrades to a vendor based system
Rev: 195 By 4 March 2017 -Updated patch-8
-Increased The Chosen Champion drop chance for BOE cloaks
-Updated drop chance for BOE weapons
-Added materials back to TOC boxes
-Updated chance and values for materials dropped in TOC boxes
-Adjusted Onixya's Lair drop chance and values for Ethereal Credit and Mercenary Coin
-Doreese Tyndal now sells Bindings of the Windshaker and Essence of the Firelord
-Fixed requirements on Thunderaan The Windshaker quest
-Ethereal Credit and Mercenary Coin in The Obidian Sanctum
-Ethereal Credit and Mercenary Coin in Gruul's Lair
-Ethereal Credit and Mercenary Coin in Gnomeregan
-Ethereal Credit and Mercenary Coin in Forge of Souls
-Ethereal Credit and Mercenary Coin in Ruins of Ahn'qiraj
-Ethereal Credit and Mercenary Coin in Temple of Ahn'qiraj
Rev: 194 By 3 March 2017 -Updated quest requirements for hastings tabards
-Reduced quest requirements for tier 1-5
-Fixed the requirements on Hard Supplier VIP quest
-Added Bind on Equip weapons as drop on World Boss to help guilds help new commers
-Added new materials as drop on World Boss between 50 and 125 / kill
Rev: 193 By 2 March 2017 -Daily Quest Rewards updated with the new materials;
Corrupted, Purified, Unstable and Destabilized Radiant Crystals

-Fixed the requirements for the Legendary Cloak Questline from Chapters I to XI.

-Added new Daily Quest to Archmage Evalong

-Removed Old Drake Quests from the Mall

-Added Netherwing Drakes to Xur'ios in the Emerald Forest for 200x Curious Coins each
Rev: 192 By 21 February 2017 -Added a new Exchange/Convert NPC; Arch Druid Kiandroth

-Updated BuyCount for materials
-Updated NPC_Vendor table
-Updated Creature_Template table

-Added all basic dungeon materials for 1,000 Mercenary Coins
Rev: 191 By 20 February 2017 *Emerald Forest Update

-Updated Loot_templates
-Added new Quest NPC
-Added Upgradable Quests

Aegwyrm, Book of Ancient Keepers can now be upgraded to Rank 5.
Visit Aegwyrm of Quel'thalas in the Emerald Stronghold.

*Daily Quest Changes
-Added Nexus Souls as a daily reward.
Rev: 190 By 13 February 2017 Fixed , world boss damage system
Buffed melee shamans
Rev: 189 By 13 February 2017 *Emerald Forest Changes!

-Xur'ios, the Vaultkeeper of the Void now has a new and improved gossip_menu for easier access.

-Added several new mounts for 200x Curious Coins each.
Rev: 188 By 12 February 2017 Sulfuron hammer is now usable by Shamans and Druids, and have agility added
Rev: 187 By 8 February 2017 *Transmogrification additions!

-Updated Mists of Pandarian GossipMenu
-Added a mixture of new transmogrification cloaks from 3.3.5 -> 5.0.1

*Emerald Forest addition!

The ancient celestials have been found to be carrying an ancient artifact, filled with eternal power and life.... Aegwyrm, Book of Ancient Keepers is now a Rare World BOE (Binds when Equipped) drop from one of the three Emerald Forest Dragons, this new offhand item is non-upgradable.

*World Boss Changes

-Kosumoth the Hungering no longer has "Shealth of Lightning - Reduces Damage Taken by 99%" but in result of this, has have his damage buffed slightly.

*New Event Reward System

-New Gobject added "Event Reward Cache"
This cache will be spawned by our Game-masters after hosting any of the following events (Roll, Stairs, Maze, Bullseye, Hide&Seek, Kill the GM) and this daily quest / cache reward will be in replacement.

-Rewards 500 Mercenary Coins OR Ethereal Credits
-15 Murkdeep Heads & 15 Big Bad Wolf Heads
-5 Nexus Souls
-5 Ancient Coins of Recognit
Rev: 186 By 2 February 2017 *New visual scrolls added

-Xur'ios in the Emerald Forest now sells a selection of visual scrolls for 200 Curious Coins each.

*Daily World Boss quest update

-You can now earn 5x Ancient Coins of Daily Recognition for completing the following quests:
Wanted: Kosumoth the Hungering
Wanted: Withered J'im
Wanted: Archimonde the Defiler
Rev: 185 By 2 February 2017 *Updated the Mists of Pandarian Transmogrification vendor.

*Several new items were added and more will be added shortly.
Rev: 184 By 31 January 2017 Increased drop chance for Bindings of the Windshaker and Onyxia's rings from 0.3% to 15%
Doubled drop values for the following materials (Essence of Universe, Energy Crystal, Crystalized Light, Mercenary Coin, Ethereal Credit)
Doubled drop values for Onyxia's Souls
Released Emerald Forest
Released a new World Boss , Kosumoth The Hungering
Added 2 custom titles Name, Champion of The Trial and Name, Legend of Pandaria
Turned Mall and Emerald Forest into Sanctuary Zone
Reduced Hunter Chimera Shot damage
Increased Tier fragments drop chance
Increased Trial of the Champion Token drop chance and value
Added Invincible Reins as drop at The Chosen Champion with a low drop rate
Added Legendary Cloaks
Rev: 183 By 28 January 2017 -Applied some changes to Calamir, our weekly boss event.

I know welcome the "omnotron defense system" a set of four highly designed goblin-like machines who have escaped Ulduar.

*Changes added were;

New loot tables.
All materials were reduced by half.
New models / names.

Added four new event bosses;
Rev: 182 By 23 January 2017 *New Anti-PVP Guards were added into the global mall temporarily to discourage world PVP.

Please note, duels are not affected and you can still duel players but if you wish to kill players with the intend of achieving honor points or anything related, then please do use the Battleground features added.
Rev: 181 By 17 January 2017 The Netherwing Drake Invasion!

-Added six new quests
-Added six new NPCs
-Added six collectable mounts and one pet
-Updated Netherwing Eggs

*Can be located in the global mall.
Rev: 180 By 17 January 2017 The Paladin Update!

-Added Paladin Only Quest
-Updated Paladin Trainer
-Added New Paladin only Scroll

*Paladins are now able to speak to their trainer to receive Scroll of Resurrection, so you will finally be able to bring your dead party members back to life.
Rev: 179 By 16 January 2017 -New repeatable quest "Forsaken's Heart" can now be picked up from Archmage Evalong.
Rev: 178 By 15 January 2017 -Onyxia's offset is now upgradable up to [email protected]
Rev: 177 By 14 January 2017 -Turned King's Frostmourne into Party loot
-Made all King's cloaks bind on equip
Rev: 176 By 14 January 2017 -Doubled the agility for feral druid items
-Added emblem of triumph to the new boss
-Added a new World Boss, The Chosen Champion in TOC
-Added a daily quest for Trial Emblems
-Added emblem of triumph to the new boss
-Added 10 Artifact Cloaks as drop on the new world boss with an extremly low drop chance (3%)
Rev: 175 By 12 January 2017 *Several new world event items added to the Ethereal Soul-Trader for 1,000 Mercenary Coins each.

*NEW Daily quest added for The Nexus.
Rev: 174 By 12 January 2017 *Added a few new items to the Ethereal Soul-Trader.
-Toy Train Set, 5000 ethereal credits
-Chefs Hat, 1000 ethereal credits
-Rolling Pin, 1000 ethereal credits
-Frying Pan, 1000 ethereal credits

*Added new tabards to Ethereal Soul-Trader Adam, and all tabards now cost 500 Mercenary Coins instead.

*All reputation tabards no longer require you to be Exalted with the faction in connection of that tabard.
Rev: 173 By 9 January 2017 *Updated the Transmogrification Section of the mall.
*Added new gossip menu for weapon transmogs.
*Added new Transmogrification NPC.

-Ethereal Soul Trader Fothcrah now sells weapons from 1x - 5x

*Added more 4.3.4 weapon displays
Rev: 172 By 6 January 2017 -Fixed attack power and strength power values on The Strengthful Twin Blades of Azzinoth
Rev: 171 By 5 January 2017 -Updated quest requirements for TOC weapons
-Added Champion of the Trial Emblem to Arthas list in TOC for 22 Emblem of Triumph
-Updated Elite Boss item quests requirements
-Added Nexus soul to Arthas
-Changed TOC weapons price in vendor
-Increased Tier 8 and Tier 9 fragments drop rates and values
Rev: 170 By 5 January 2017 New daily quests added!
New daily quest NPC added!

Speak to Archmage Evalong in the global mall.
-World boss dailies added for Withered J'im and Archimonde. Kosumoth the Hungering coming soon.™
-Instance dailies added for Karazhan, Onyxia's Lair, Black Temple.

More daily quests will be added soon.™
Rev: 169 By 5 January 2017 *Updated the Vote Quartermaster, Prince Valanar!

He now sells transmogrification weapons & Armour pieces.
-Weapons cost 250 vote tokens up from 200.
-All helmets now cost 350 vote tokens up from 300.
*Added two unique items 'Crown of Flame' & 'Pauldrons of Roaring Flames' both cost 500 vote tokens.

More items coming soon.™

He now sells unique, custom-made mounts.
-All mounts cost 1,000 vote tokens.

More mounts will be added soon.™
Rev: 168 By 5 January 2017 *Added two new NPCs with updated gossip menus to reduce the amount of vendors we had spawned.

-Remorseful Gladiator Fauxieshaux
Now sells companions for 10,000 honor points.
Now sells PVP Ground & Flying mounts for 60,000 honor points.

More companions will be added soon.™

-Ethereal Soul Trader
Now sells many different types of cosmetic and vanity items ranging between 25 Ethereal Credits to 5,000 Ethereal Credits.

More fun items will be added soon.™
Rev: 167 By 5 January 2017 -Transmogrification Update!

*Recently added tiers 2 - 10

More tier sets will be coming soon.™

*Recently added Weapons from Vanilla to Mists of Pandarian

More custom weapons will be coming soon.™

*Recently added all Level 60 Legacy PVP Sets for transmogrification, visit Archmage Frostee in the Global mall.

More PVP type sets will be added soon.™
Rev: 166 By 5 January 2017 -World Boss Loot Update
Recently updated the loot tables of Withered J'im and Archimonde the Defiler.

Withered J'im now drops one custom pet.
Archimonde now drops one custom pet and one custom mount aswell.

-Withered J'im Quest Update
Recently changed the amount of materials required for Withered J'ims Backpack

Added an extra quest for Hunters to obtain Withered J'ims Quiver aswell.
Rev: 165 By 5 January 2017 -New Event Boss added
-Loot Table added
-New Ticket System and NPC added
-Exchangeable ticket items and quests added

*Calamir is our new event only boss and his loot will consist of Withered J'im, Archimonde, Murkdeep, Big Bad Wolf and has a chance to drop the new event only mount, Peeps Whistle.

*Five new exchangeable tickets are added and can be exchanged for materials based on their colour status. Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Artifact.

*Archmage Rothguard, the ticket exchanger has been added in the global mall next to Archmage Evalong.
Rev: 164 By 4 January 2017 -Added the ability to change your password ingame
Rev: 163 By 4 January 2017 -Increased drop chance for Champion of the Trial, Certificates
Rev: 162 By 4 January 2017 -Death Knights were slightly buffed AP/STR wise (AP by 60% and STR by 40%) that's somewhere around 7-10% overall buff.
-Gamemaster Suit was added on the transmog blacklist
Rev: 160 By 2 January 2017 -Buffed Warrior strength and attack power
-Reduced intellect on paladin gear and buffed up the Holy Light back to normal
Rev: 159 By 2 January 2017 -Moved Tier 8 Tokens in The Nexus alog with Tier 9
-Added a new Token droped in TOC required for both Tier 8 and Tier 9
-Changed Tier 8 requirements
-Added Empty Vial as drop in The Nexus
-Created Nexus Instance Quests required to complete these in order to be able to enter in instance
-Added Nexus Heroic
-Added Nexus Normal
-Added back Amorend the Transmog Blackmarket
-Removed custom titles until we change the title system
-Fixed the title check
-Added default titles (require the new patch-8.mpq)
Rev: 156 By 28 December 2016 Decreased the drop rate on onyx and Karazhan offsets
Rev: 155 By 28 December 2016 Added upgrading quests for murk dropped offsets
Rev: 153 By 26 December 2016 Fixed Snowy , Thorium rewards giver
Rev: 152 By 23 December 2016 -Fixed Frostmourne bonus spell effect
-Added a new npc for the Winter Veil event
-Added a new material
-Fixed several spell visuals that appearead as squares
Rev: 150 By 4 December 2016 -Buffed Hunters
-Adjusted the loot tables depending on the raid difficulty
-Implemented TOC with all 4 difficulties
-Added upgradable shadowmourne and frostmourne quest
-Added upgradable one hand mage quest
-Added upgradable one hand axe quest
-Buffed Rogues
-Buffed Warriors
-Buffed Shamans
-Fixed socket slots on Shard of Azzinoth and Warglaives of Azzinoth
-Buffed up paladins after yesterday's huge nerf
Rev: 148 By 2 December 2016 -Updated donator items names and descriptions
-Added Battle cloaks that can be found in battle chests
-Replaced Battleground battle keys with battle chests
-Added donator Backpacks
-Donator items prices were reduced with 5 Donation Tokens / Item
-Fixed Thori'Dal The Starsfury bonus spell
-Fixed DK Pestilence
-Removed fear from Karazhan Guests
Rev: 147 By 1 December 2016 -Fixed spirit value on Priest Gear
-Fixed Talents reset issue
-Fixed stats on initiation gear
-Increased Fire Tear drop chance from 75% to 85% and drop value from 1-5 to 5-10
-Moved all vote misc items to a single vendor
-Updated the description on Adrenaline Boost
-Added Dual Wield and Titan's Grip to vote vendor
-Created a donation version of Noob Power (20 charges, no Cooldown)
-Added vote upgradable tabard
-Increased the drop chance for Warglaives from 4% to 15%
-Increased the drop values for Onixya's Soul on 10m from 3-7 to 7-15 and on 25M from 7-15 to 15-25
Rev: 146 By 30 November 2016 -Added Runeforging at DK trainer in mall
-Fixed Druid Travel Form
-Replaced World Boss fear spell with a Stunt spell
-Fixed 25M Naxxramas creatures HP
-Spawned the 1 vs 1 arena organiser in mall
-Added 1 vs 1 Arena
-Added Runeforging at DK trainer in mall
-Removed Black Temple -> Essence of Desire reflect damage
-Switched back to default WOTLK druid forms
-Added Naxx 25M difficulty with increased drop chance for Mercenary coin and Ethereal Credit
-Added Battlegrounds
-Added Key on kill system for Battlegrounds, keys are required to open the upcoming TOC chests
-Added a new world Boss , Withered J'Im
-Added quests for bags at Withered J'Im
-Reduced paladin armor penetration
-Fixed Worgen and Goblin Death Knight talent tab
-Reduced Eye for an Eye proc chance so it won't damage the attacker on every hit
Rev: 145 By 29 November 2016 -Edited quest objectives on Forming Twin Blades of Azzinoth quest
-Added starter offset at Welcome NPC in mall
-Changed the equip effect on Mage Atiesh
-Fixed Mathystra's Magic Relic
-Increased the value of rewarded weapons on the Welcome quest
-Added strength and agility on Druid Atiesh
-Fixed weapon speed on retail weapons
-Added offsets as drop at murkdeep
-Added a new boss The Big Bad Wolf
-Added Big Bad Wolf loot tables
-Added upgradable want quest
-Added upgradable necklace quest
-Added mounts as drop to Big Bad Wolf
Rev: 144 By 22 November 2016 Onyxia\'s Soul was updated, turned into party loot item so everyone from a group will receive them.
Karazhan Mask was updated, turned into party loot item so everyone from a group will receive them.
Fire Tear was updated, turned into party loot item so everyone from a group will receive them.
Mark of Illidary was updated, turned into party loot item so everyone from a group will receive them.
Essence of Undead was updated, turned into party loot item so everyone from a group will receive them.
Rev: 143 By 20 November 2016 Fixed Seashore sigil quest
Rev: 142 By 20 November 2016 Fixed Mother Shashz shield wall not opening
Fixed the charges on Demon Souls in a Jar
Added a rare elite boss Murkdeep with 1 Hour respawn time
Added wanted quests for Murkdeep
Added upgrade quests for relics
Rev: 141 By 18 November 2016 Fixed Karazhan Opera Event
Edited Karazhan Opera Script, a group leader will be able to choose the event to run there's no need for a gm anymore
Fixed Ashbringer stats
Fixed Ashbriger quest requirements
Rev: 140 By 18 November 2016 Increased quest requirements for offsets and Main sets
Fixed Onyxia's Lair 25M Raid difficulty and increase its drop
Increased Drop Chance for Onyxia's Soul
Fixed Warglaives not being equipable
Fixed Illidan
Fixed Mother Shahraz
Added a global weapon trainer each new skill cost 2000 Mercenary Coin
Added teleport to Global Weapon Trainer at mall guards
Rev: 139 By 17 November 2016 Fixed warrior chests and shoulder names
Fixed warrior quest titles for chests and shoulder
Rev: 138 By 13 November 2016 Added the right POIs on starter quests
Fixed Donator/Vote exchanger
Rev: 136 By 8 October 2016 Added level token as drop in leveling instances and reward on leveling quests
Rev: 133 By 7 October 2016 Removed Fel Stomp from Hulk
Rev: 132 By 26 September 2016 -Buffed Priest Devouring Plague, Mind Sear, Mind Flay, Word:Death, Word:Pain
-Spawned Dueller Gear vendors in Duel Zone
Rev: 130 By 19 September 2016 Reduced onixya's whelp and guardians HP
Fixed Mall Guard back to mall teleport
Added back Dueller Gear
Rev: 129 By 15 September 2016 Added artifact refunder quests
Updated refund quests and added a vote token requirement also changed the MT refund price to 2 MT
Removed broken shield display ids from transmog vendors
Rev: 128 By 14 September 2016 Fixed hit rating
Fixed Druid forms
Fixed Sulfuras Hand of Ragnaros HP
Rev: 127 By 13 September 2016 Removed the magic immune shield from WSG guardians
Rev: 126 By 13 September 2016 Fixed Jaraxxonus crashing issue
Rev: 125 By 12 September 2016 Fixed Ranged Weapons range
Rev: 124 By 12 September 2016 Updated quest requirements for artifact quests
Rev: 123 By 12 September 2016 Updated Jaraxxonus's frenzy timer so he won't spam it anymore
Rev: 122 By 12 September 2016 Increased the time between Hulk's shadowbolt volley casting
Rev: 121 By 12 September 2016 Buffed Death knight Blood Plague
Rev: 120 By 12 September 2016 Fixed pvp token requirements on VOA Artifact Cloaks
Rev: 118 By 12 September 2016 -Made hearthstone unusable in battlegrounds and combat if you are stuck in combat bug use .thw combat
-Added Sayge buffs in .thw buff command (Vip only) nonvip should stil go to sayge in level area
Rev: 117 By 12 September 2016 Fixed emerald exchanging quest so you will be able to choose between all emeralds
Rev: 116 By 11 September 2016 -Fixed staff model
-Fixed Druid forms (patch-4) will be uploaded in few hours
-Added WSG item vendors
-Added upgrade quests for MOP cloaks
-Added upgrade quests for Stave of Universe and Claymore of the Universe available in VOA
Rev: 115 By 9 September 2016 Changed stats on Artifact dagger Strength->Agility
Rev: 114 By 9 September 2016 -Fixed invincible reins missing texture
-Fixed Paladin Vengeance missing particles causing a green square flickering on character hands
-Fixed Death Knight Bloody Vengeance missing particles causing a green square flickering on character hands
Rev: 113 By 9 September 2016 Reenabled .thw to both vip and nonvip players
Fixed Worgens models
Rev: 112 By 9 September 2016 Fixed custom flying mounts turned all only usable in Outland and Northrend
Rev: 111 By 5 September 2016 Fixed premium mounts
Added 160+ new mounts
Changed mount prices
Fixed old wings diplay ids and lick king armor display
Rev: 110 By 2 September 2016 Nerfed DK Blood Plague
Nerfed DK Frost Strike
Buffed hp on Sulfuras Hand of Ragnaros Reborn
Nerfed Warlock Dots
Nerfed Warlock overall damage
Rev: 108 By 2 September 2016 Fixed gems and enchantments
Rev: 106 By 27 August 2016 Changed VP to DP quest requirement to level 255 to avoid new char creation abuse
Rev: 104 By 22 August 2016 -Fixed DK pestilence, pestilence will affect all targets in front of DK not behind, this was not a real issue but more of a hackfix
-Changed the amount of boxes received from the starter quest due to creating new characters abuse
Rev: 103 By 16 August 2016 Set requiredlevel on donation gear to 255 to avoid the resilience bug
Set requiredlevel on vote gear to 255 to avoid the resilience bug
Removed resilience from starting gear to avoid the resilience bug
Changed required level on Pope's Blessed Journal to 99
Rev: 102 By 12 August 2016 Fixed refund quests requirements
Rev: 101 By 12 August 2016 Increased professions skill gain from 1 to 5
Added back Emergency Mode
Added level 255 leading quests
Rev: 100 By 12 August 2016 Turned farming instances into leveling instances
Implemented a new leveling system
Added a new starting zone
Added a packet spuff protection to both realms
Rev: 98 By 8 August 2016 Added Heartbreak buff for VIPs it work the same as other OP buffs only usable in PVE
Reduced the donator items prices
Removed the custom t1 loot from bugged creatures in Icecrown
Rev: 96 By 2 August 2016 Fixed starting area quest creatures
Fixed Farming Zone creatures
Added back the old instances as farming instances
Fixed old tier exchanger
Fixed the new tier sets level
Made tier sets bind on equip/account
Removed OP buffs from all arena maps
Rev: 93 By 2 August 2016 -Added new loot tables
-Added new scripted raids
-Increased mats dropped in instances
-Removed Bote Tokens from Daily Boxes due to new char abuse
Rev: 92 By 1 August 2016 Fixed heallers queue in 1 vs 1 arena
Fixed Boss Evade bug
Rev: 90 By 30 July 2016 Added 1 vs 1 arena
Added exchanger for old tier sets with fair exchange values
Removed 1 v 1 arena talents check
Added rewarding script with goldbars depending on your 1 vs 1 arena rating
Fixed Exchanger npc how to text
Rev: 81 By 24 July 2016 Turned Vote tokens into Bind To Account items