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Changelogs from our website and forum

Rise of The Fallen 255

Changelogs from Progressive 255 High Stats Realm

Class Changes

Changes related to classes

Rev: 430 By 27 February 2018 Warlock

Corruption - Nerfed by 13%

Shadow Bolt - Buffed by 9%

CoA - Buffed by 4%

Immolation Aura for Metamorphosis is being looked into.
Rev: 429 By 25 February 2018 Druid

Rejuvenation - Nerfed by 3%

Lacerate - Nerfed by 10%

Moonfire - Buffed by 2%



Lightning Bolt Buffed by 40%

Flame Shock Buffed by 3%

Riptide Buffed by 6%

Rev: 428 By 24 February 2018 Death Knight spells were added to the spell_bonus_data so certain spells have had their damage lowered due to proper balancing.

These spells will be monitored over the following days and will be reacted to accordingly.

Icy Touch was properly added
Howling Blast was properly added
Death Coil was properly added
Obliterate was properly added


Insect swarm was nerfed by 2%

Entangling Roots was nerfed by 25%
Rev: 411 By 18 January 2018 Reduced the damage of Corruption by 10%.
Rev: 327 By 29 September 2017 Death Knight

Death and Decay - Nerfed by approximately 30-35%

Howling Blast - Nerfed by approximateley 20-25%

Talent - Improved Blood Presence has been disabled until further notice

Talent - Improved Rune Tap will be disabled soon after Rune Tap's healing has been buffed.

Druid -

Lacerate - Buffed by 22%

Swipe - Buffed by approximately 17%

Shaman -

Mental Quickness was re-enabled

Healing Wave - Buffed by approximately 25-35%

Lesser Healing Wave - Buffed by approximately 15%

Riptide - On cast buffed by approximately 20% and HoT BY 15%

Paladin -

Consecration buffed by approximately 17%

Warlock will remain the way it is for now.

Warriors will be looked into shortly.

Hunters will be looked into shortly.

Mages will be looked into shortly.

Priests will be looked into shortly.

Rogues will be looked into shortly.
Rev: 298 By 31 August 2017 Hunters -

Wild Quiver Rank 3 has been disabled until further notice
Rev: 294 By 28 August 2017 *Shamans

The two talents;
-Mental Dexterity (Rank 3)
-Mental Quickness (Rank 3)
Have been disabled until further notice
Rev: 279 By 10 August 2017 Hunter -
Explosive Shot nerfed slightly

Priest -
Devouring Plague nerfed slightly
Vampiric Touch nerfed slightly
Holy Nova buffed slightly

Death Knight -
Death Coil nerfed a bit
Plague Strike nerfed slightly
(DK Healing is being investigated)

Druid -
Ferocious Bite nerfed a bit

Paladin -
Flash of Light nerfed a bit
Holy light nerfed slightly
(Still looking into issues with judgements)

Mage -
Arcane in general was buffed
Frostfire on hit was buffed a small amount

Enchants -
Icebreaker was nerfed to a reasonable state
Fiery Blaze was nerfed to a reasonable state
Rev: 267 By 9 June 2017 Warlock pets have recieved some buffs.

Fel-hunter - Shadow Bite buffed
Succubus - Lash of Pain buffed
Felguard - Intercept and Cleave Buffed
Imp - Firebolt Buffed
Rev: 265 By 5 June 2017 -Buffed Death Knight Wandering Plague damage
-Buffed Death Knight Frost Strike damage
-Nerfed Shaman Lava Lash damage
-Fixed Shaman Lava Lash offhand requirement / will require a new patch-8
Rev: 264 By 4 June 2017 Priest,

Mind sear recieved a small buff

Holy nova's damage recieve a small buff
Rev: 261 By 2 June 2017 -Added global cooldown on mage polymorphs and set the cooldown to 5 seconds
-Nerfed Death Knight Frost Strike and Wandering Plague
-Buffed shaman Stromstrike, Lavalash and Windfury
-Removed the one hand weapon requirement for shaman Lavalash
Rev: 258 By 1 June 2017 Druid,

Ferocious Bite - Nerfed quite a bit as it was critting for a high amount with all the attack power.

Rip (DoT) - Nerfed slightly due to high damage

Pounce Bleed (DoT) - Nerfed Slightly due to high damage

Rake on hit buffed slightly (Rake DoT remains the same)


Swipe(Bear) - Nerfed slightly due to it's unparelleled AoE clearing capability.


Tranquility buffed as it was being outshone by the other abilities.
Rev: 256 By 30 May 2017 - Death Knight -
Scourge Strike - Shadow - Nerfed as it was doing an abnormal amount of damage.

Howling Blast was lowered slightly due to the Crit damage exceeding certain expectations.

Both diseases slightly reduced due to the stacking effects making Death Knights a force to be reckoned with in PvP. (Will be watched)
Rev: 251 By 25 May 2017 Seal of Vengeance (Alliance - Paladin)
Seal of Corruption (Horde - Paladin)

Have been disabled again due to their trigger effects being bugged / broken.
Rev: 242 By 11 May 2017 -Buffed priest devouring plague bonus from spell power
Rev: 237 By 3 May 2017 -Reenabled Seal of Vengeance and Seal of Corruption for testing purpose