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Connection Guide REQUIREMENTS

  • WOTLK CLIENT: Download the game client if you don't have it already

  • PATCH-8.MPQ: Patch-8.mpq is the most important patch on the server, you need to be able to use your skills and fix "?" weapon icons, it is also reaquired to fix some ingame perks like being able to see the custom extended costs / custom gems etc.

  • PATCH-4.MPQ: This patch is optional , required in order to be able to see the CATA/MOP content, make sure you download it for a full Thorium Experience, mirror links can be found on the main website.

  • Step 1 {Downloading Game Client - Pass this step if you already have WOTLK 3.3.5a installed}: Download WOTLK client from Mega.co.nz using their sync application(If you are not a premium user it will take 2 days to download), choose where you want the game to be downloaded and wait until all the files are moved to that location. After the game is fully downloaded move to step 2.

  • Step 2 {Setting up the realmlist}: Move to your CLIENT FOLDER -> DATA -> enXX(XX mean your client version/language) -> search for Realmlist.wtf, open it using your desired text editors I suggest you to use Notepad++ , WIN USERS (press CTRL+A then BACK SPACE) now copy the following set realmlist logon.thoriumwow.net and paste it in your Realmlist.wtf, save the file and move to step 3.

  • Step 3 {Downloading and applying patches}: Download Patch-8.mpq and Patch-4.mpq after you finish downloading them, move the files to CLIENT FOLDER -> DATA, make sure you don't have anny other custom patches from other servers because it will cause a client crash or server files conflicts and you won't be able to play in our server. Your Data folder should only contain the following files.


  • enXX - folder

  • common.MPQ - mpq file

  • common-2.MPQ - mpq file

  • expansion.MPQ - mpq file

  • lichking.MPQ - mpq file

  • patch.MPQ - mpq file

  • patch-2.MPQ - mpq file

  • patch-3.MPQ - mpq file

  • patch-4.MPQ - mpq file

  • patch-8.MPQ - mpq file