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Obtaining Pandaren Cloaks

Greetings Thorium,

I'm writing up this guide to help players achieve there own legendary Mists of Pandarian PVE Cloak and the steps it will take so you can achieve it.

First of all, when you reach level 255 - you should be at Tier 6 or 7 at most, with some fairly decent weapons and offsets. So make your way to Kosumoth the Hungering, the first part to start the questline begins at Gallywix Shadowcrank with the quest [An Eye for an Eye?]

The requirements for this quest will be as followed;

Of course, Kosumoth the Hungering drops the eyes. (1 every kill and the respawn rate is hourly) so it shouldn't take too long to achieve that along with the 100x of each Crystal. For players who are unaware, world bosses and instance bosses do drop our custom crystal currency along with getting them with our Killstreak System and last but not least, you may visit the Archdruid in our global mall where you can exchange Mercenary Coins for some in return.

Once you have finished the quest, you will then receive the starting point with [Sealed Cache of the Celestials]

Now you can start your long task by accepting the quest from the cache to which you will be given [Chapter I: Trial of the Celestials and the Black Prince.]

To find Prince Wrathion, he is located in the far house on the hill in the global mall. As shown;

Once you have completed the quest, you'll be given the second quest [Chapter II: Wrathion's War], simply read the quest to make sure you understand the concept and accept to receive [Chapter III: The Strength of One's Foes].

Once you have collected 500 of each Crystals, return to Wrathion and complete the quest for [Chapter IV: Judgement of the Black Prince] which requires another 500 crystals but this time, you must slain three bosses from the following instances. Onyxia's Lair, Gruul's Lair and Karazhan.

Once you completed that part of the quest, you will finally unlock [Chapter V: A Cloak of Virtue]. This quest will allow you to choose one of four cloaks in which you can upgrade and make stronger as the questline progresses.

Tigerfang Cape - designed for Rogues, Hunters, Druids and Shamans for Agility base stats.

Jadefire Drape - designed for Priests, Shamans, Mages, Warlocks and Druids for Intellect base stats.

Cranewing Cloak - designed for Priests, Paladins, Shamans, Mages, Warlocks and Druids for Intellect / Spirit base stats.

Oxhorn Bladebreaker - designed for Warriors, Paladins and Death Knights for Strength base stats.

You may have noticed that in recent updates, players will now receive a Emerald Teleporting Crystal after completing Chapter V, which will take the player straight to the Emerald Forest upon using to carry on their questline.