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Teleporter stone is given by default when you firstly create your character, if you accidentaly delete this stone or you are an old player and lost it you can easly buy one from the reagent vendor in mall.

This is your teleporter stone, this will be your best friend while you play here and will be extremely useful.
This is your advanced hearthstone in your inventory.
Click Leveling Zones and follow the following pictures on what each section looks like and what each section has and does.

Above is what the leveling section of the teleporter stone will look like, use leveling bosses to obtain loot, materials, and leveling tokens to help you on your adventure.
Click on leveling dungeons next to view the pages of dungeons we have for leveling.
Use next page, first page, and back to navigate through the list.

This is the leveling dungeons list preview.

This is the leveling boss section, this will be where you have to kill leveling bosses to obtain the the leveling gear and level tokens.
If you are 50 levels or higher than any of the bosses it will instantly kill you in order to prevent farming of these bosses by higher levels.
Please refrain from trying to exploit any way around this prevention and follow the leveling guide on my recommendations.

Back to the main menu, here in the menu you will find all of these sections (this is the 255 section, the level 1-254 sections will look different), each section has its own use.

  • The mall will be well the mall where you can find all the quest givers, vendors, other players, and other ingame necessities.

  • Custom tier instances will be where you can obtain other upgradeable items like rings, trinkets, and necklaces as well as materials and bags.

  • Raid instances is where you can can choose to go to Emerald Forest to farm for materials to upgrade a cloak (quest starts at kosumoth world boss) and for an off hand weapon, or ToC has quests for frostmourne and shadowmourne.

  • Custom areas has just some fun areas to hang out or pvp, weapon quests and upgrades is where you can choose which weapon to pursue and upgrade to max.

  • You are not limited to which you want to pursue you can chase down any weapon even if you can't use it, there is no limitation here.

World bosses

  • Here is where you can farm killstreak points,

  • BoE's to use until you find upgradeable gear/upgradeable BoE's (which drop from these bosses)

  • Start a quest to obtain a cloak and shirt! These bosses are difficult and do require several players to be in the area to kill the boss.

This is the Players/VIP Services section

  • This will look different as a normal player.

  • As you can see VIP's can set a home and teleport back to it (HOMES WILL RESET EVERY TIME YOU RELOG)

  • Also has the donator instance.

  • The commands section will be shown to every player and when clicked will show you every command.

  • .thw buff is a great command to use to give buffs to help you while you play here