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Leveling and KS guide
Greetings Thorium,

I'm writing up this guide to help players understand our leveling and killstreak system.

When you create your character you will be spawned in your racial location and you will have a custom hearthstone in your bag right click on it and you will see an option [Leveling Zones] click on it and you will see 4 different ways to levelup and gear up while leveling, for this guide we are going to use Leveling Road, this mean less XP but you will be able to get more materials. The fastest way to levelup is in dungeons, we have updated every dungeon to fit a level 255 realm.

Once you teleport in the leveling road if you turn left to go outside the gate there are 2 npcs first you talk to Archmage Kadgar he will give you the leveling quests and he is also spawned on different locations on the level road. Usualy leveling quests require you to kill a certain amount of a specific leveling creature. Complete them for and extra amount of materials.

The 2nd npc is the lost muel, he is a tricky npc who can help you cheat your way to level 255 all you have to do is complete a voting quest, he is also selling some heirloms that will help you levelup way faster

Once you done your job with that 2 npcs you can start your way to leveling, down the road are the leveling creatures, for an extra boost don't forget to type .thw stats. We have the most unique leveling system never seen on another servers before. XP RATES-When you firstly create a character your XP rate is 1x(yeah blizzlike , what a shame for a lvl 255 server)/ creature kill and 10x/Quest complete no it's not a shame because once 5 levels your XP gaining rate increase by (0.5x) for a normal player and (0.8x) for vip players, you also get bonus XP from the killstreak system that i'm going to explain in a moment. To check your killstreak and XP rate just type .ks stats

Now you might ask how you can get some gear? Gearing up while leveling is easy, while killing creatures you get [Radiant Crystals] that you can spend at tier vendors in mall or at the begining of leveling zone. You can also get offsets and better leveling weapons from leveling boss every 50 levels.

Now about the killstreak system. If you are below level 255, whenever you kill a creature 3 levels below or higher than you you get 1 killstreak point, every time you reach the required ks points you levelup the system and receive a certain amount of materials and a killstreak bag. Killstreak max level is 255 so you will have to work hard to get the max level. After you reach level 255 you will only get killstreak points in certain areas as shown below:

  • Onyxia's Lair 1 streak

  • Gruul's Lair 1 streak

  • Obsidian Sanctum 2 streak

  • Gnomeregan 2 streak

  • Forge of Souls 4 streak

  • Karazhan 4 streak

  • Molten Core 6 streak

  • Black Temple 6 streaks

  • Naxxramas 8 streaks

  • The Nexus 8 streaks

  • Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj 12 streaks

  • Temple of Ahn'Qiraj 12 streaks

  • Vault of Archavon 18 streaks

  • Trial of Champion 18 streaks

  • Emerald Forest 18 streaks

Rewards increase based on your killstreak level and your playtime in days.