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Donator rank & benefits HOW TO DONATE

  • After you login you will see on your top right menu a new button for DONATION, after you click on it you will be redirected to our detached donation panel.

  • When you get to donation panel make sure in the account box is the right account name "ACCOUNT" not "CHARACTER" if everything is fine choose how many points you want to donate for.

  • Click on pay button , complete the transaction and points will be automatically added in your account.


  • 25% more Experience when leveling

  • Double PVP rewards in battlegrounds

  • Access to VIP instance and donator offset upgrade function

  • Posibility to bind place as your home

  • Free Dual Wield and Titan's Grip

  • Free learn all weapon skills

  • Free change race and faction

  • Vip rank in char and website

  • Vip custom buffs

  • For the list of commands check Player & VIP Custom Commands