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Refund & Transfer REFUND COMMAND
  • Syntax: .refund

  • Action: Refund the item from your first bag slot (Only donator items can be refunded)

  • Syntax: .dtsend CharacterName TokenAmount

  • Action: Send the given amount of donation tokens to a specified character, beware you can only transfer to characters on your account.

  • Cost: Minimum amount that you can send is 5 donation tokens. The fee is 1 Donation Token / 5 tokens sent this fee is the same for both vip and nonvip. Once sent, the other character will receive a mail with the tokens.

  • Usage Example: .dtsend Darksoke 45 - Transfer 36 tokens to Darksoke (original value = 45, fee = 45 / 5 = 9, remaining tokens = 36)