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Estimated Time until the release of our new realm

Dear community,

Dear Thorium-WoW players, after almost 3 years of ups and downs it is about time to close the doors of our realm. It was fun to meet so many players each and every different. We've received a lot of good and bad feedback sadly not enough advertising. During the past few weeks the server was literally dead after 2 known issues which we are aware of.

If you reached this point that mean you were a devoted player and understood every situation despite of that you were still playing and expecting for more fun. Over the last year, our realm kind of lost it's meaning, it was not meant to have such huge stats thinking that we started from having 45M max HP to 200M+. We wanted to make a balance between PVP and PVE which obviously we managed to reach in a 50/50 proportion not perfect but it was good.

If you reached this point that mean you want this server to continue running, for you, we have good news. We might have closed or doors but we are going to open the gates to a brand new cleaner realm. That mean, a lot of fixes, bunch of useless stuff will be totally removed from the game, things will get merged, a brand new mall, a brand new level road, quests following story lines and many more.

If you were an former player on Thorium WoW we are inviting you to complete the following survey as an opportunity to get a special reward on our grand reopening.

Thorium WoW Survey

Total completed surveys:

1 - Please write down your account name.
2 - When did you get started playing on Thorium WoW?
3 - What was your favorite feature on our server?
4 - Have you recommended our server to your friends?
5 - What feature would you like to see on the new server?
6 - What are you expecting from this restructuration?
7 - Are you aware that characters database might be wiped and only donators will be able to get a full refund of their purchase?