Rise of Thorium ONLINE

Uptime: 3 Days 10 Hours 40 Minutes
Instant Level 255 | 14 Playable Races | Unique Upgrade System
MrDarkX / Owner
Dear Thorium WoW players,
I want to start by wishing Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrate Easter this weekend. Have a great holiday, spend time with your family and friends cause in the end that's all that counts in this life.

On behalf of Thorium WoW team, i'm sending you all the cheers and prayers, hope everyone is fine and you all are strong and ready to go over this difficult times caused by the pandemic !!! And I personally thank you for hopping by our server and supporting us by your presence, votes and donations. I'm giving everyone 150 donation points and 500 vote points.

See you all next week, hopefully the new dedicated server will be ready by then so we can start the transfer asap!