Rise of Thorium ONLINE

Uptime: 3 Days 11 Hours 40 Minutes
Instant Level 255 | 14 Playable Races | Unique Upgrade System
MrDarkX / Owner
Major QoL change
- All retail loot was removed from Ragefire Chasm (Tier 11 - 15)
- Generation 3 Gem drop ratio was also increased.
- Visually updated the instance models aswell.
- Implemented "farmable" VIP buffs from the VIP Quartermaster. These include: Sayge Buffs, revamped Greater Flask of Demon Souls, Generic Flasks and more coming soon™?
- Adjusted VIP prices for Ranks 1 - 8 New prices can be found via ????server_information on discord
- Fixed an issue where Goblin Shipbuilders (Deadmines) still dropped retail items upon being killed.