Rise of Thorium ONLINE

Uptime: 3 Days 12 Hours 30 Minutes
Instant Level 255 | 14 Playable Races | Unique Upgrade System
MrDarkX / Owner
Dear Thorium WoW Players,
We are glad to officially announce that we moved the server to our new dedicated host, the content and progression was not affected in any way since once everything was moved core wise, we closed the server and backed up the last seconds of gameplay to be moved to the new database.!

The new server is now up and running and the specs should allow us to have a decent player base on at a time having decently high stats without experiencing lag spikes ! New specs are as follows !

  • - Protection: DDoS Protected
  • - CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X - 6c/12t - 3.8 GHz/4.4 GHz
  • - RAM: 64 GB ECC 2666 MHz
  • - Data disks: 2×500 GB SSD NVMe
  • - Expansion cards: Soft RAID
  • - Public bandwidth: 1 Gbps outgoing / incoming

In order to be able to log in please redownload patch-8 from Connection Guide