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MrDarkX / Owner

Dear Thorium WoW player,
I'm glad to announce that the development towards our new passive Hide & Seek event is going great and the script is now under testing on our dev realm. We expect to release the event by Friday 28th of May and here's how the whole event works.

First of all wish a great welcome to our little AI Event Master Erina, you can find her in Timeless Islands and she will guide you trough the event telling you the current hints, announcing them in world chat, telling you when the next event starts etc.

  • Event Location: Timeless Islands
  • Event Time: 2 hours (If the chest is not found within 2 hours, a new event will start and the previous event ends)
  • Event Behavior: Event starts every 2 hours (12 Events / day) so even if the chest was found after 1 hour and 40 minutes the next event starts after 20 minutes
  • Hints Number: Each event has up to 6 hints that will be given by Event Master Erina every 5 minutes in world chat(or you can talk to her and find all hints at once)
  • Event Loot: Yet to be defined
  • Event Reward: 1 Artifact level / 2 during weekends for the whole group within the party distance
  • Release Date: Friday 28th of May 2021


  • 1. What happens if the chest is not found ?
    - If the chest is not found, the event ends, chest is removed from world and a new event will start in another random location !
  • 2. Am I forced to group up for the event ?
    - You are not forced but is indicated, if you are going in group, you get extra rewarded for every member in party range!
  • 3. How am I supposed to check the hints?
    - Every 5 minutes, Event Master Erina will send a world announcement with a random hint from the current event! You can also talk to her in Timeless Islands and she will tell you all the hints!
  • 4. What if I only partially loot the chest ?
    -Event starts once the chest is opened for the first time but is not necessary to loot everything, whoever else find the chest can loot the rest of the items but he won't be rewarded anymore for that event!