Rise of Thorium ONLINE

Uptime: 3 Days 12 Hours 30 Minutes
Instant Level 255 | 14 Playable Races | Unique Upgrade System
MrDarkX / Owner
While verifying the core files, will be also implementing a couple new scriptsand a major change when it comes to World Boss so there it goes:

  • - All world boss will be moved to a Dungeon(we're looking into turning an open world area into a dungeon) allowing each player to be rewarded for up to 5 kills / day (you can still help others and get BM/ARTI XP but you won't be able to loot), this will completely remove the LFG Rule!
  • - World boss won't be spawned anymore but a new Hardcore event boss will be added (The Zodiacal Sign) will refurbish the old Zodiacal event and turn it into a single boss that switches signs every time is downed to 10% as well as spawning a chest. Once killed he will open the chests allowing players to loot them (12 chests), this boss will be inside a dungeon and won't require a GM to be started players will be able to start the event themselves for X VT or Y DT haven't tought of a price yet, gms can run this event as well, to encourage grouping you'll have to kill the last sign in order to be able to loot.
  • - A new passive HNS event will be implemented in TI, a chest will be spawned evey hour in a random location, once looted you get 100 Artifact energy (1 level) and a couple items, a quest will be added as well once you complete it you get 10 arti energy !

All of the above are curently under massive development and currently there's no estimated time because we still have to fix the lagg issue first, I'm just posting this so you know what to expect from the near future !