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Instant Level 255 | 14 Playable Races | Unique Upgrade System

Class Artifact

Custom scripted Class Artifact

Artifact sinergy roles

Artifact dynamic upgradable buff

Once bought, this buff upgrade itself every certail level as shown below.

What it is and how to Obtain?

Class artifact is a very powerful endgame inventory item that harness the energy of raw azerite awakening exceptional magical roles that posses latent powers.

  1. Your journey stats in the mall, talk to Calia Menethil and accept Descending into Madness: Class Artifact, she will lead you to Shado Pan Monastery to meet Ban Bearhart, The Monastery Keeper, the last monk that remain untouched by the Sha Demons. He needs your help to defend the monastery and end Taran Zhu's reign of madness.

Artifact visuals

Enable cool looking wing visuals