Thorium Rise of the Fallen

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Thorium-WoW, A Professional Progressive level 255 Fun Realm, unique leveling system, active uptime, friendly staff members, daily content and fixes, transmogrification content mounts from Cata/Mop/Wod, 12 races incl Worgens Goblins, Custom instances, Scripted bosses and more.


  • Max Level 255
  • Custom Leveling system
  • Custom Buffs
  • High Stats, million damage
  • Buffed Enchants and Gems
  • 12 playable races
  • 15 Tier Sets
  • 13 Custom Instances
  • Custom Upgrader
  • PVP Season Rank 3 Gear
  • Playtime auto rewards
  • Custom PVE Killstreak System
  • Cata to Legion Artifact tMog
  • Daily Quests

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