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Thorium WoW

A new WOTLK Fun high stats PVE server concept with progressive gearing

Website is under construction and is missing some of the features
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We are looking for trial GMs , post your application Here
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Rewards for reaching a new FB millestone

First things first I want to thank everyone who liked us on facebook we finally reached 1000+ likes and growing every day for that all active accounts in past 6 months received 25 Donation Points and 1000 Vote Points.

By active accounts we mean that you have logged in at least 1 time in past 6 months.

Enjoy the points and use them wisely. Once again I thank you all for your devotion to our server.

New Leveling System

A new leveling system was added and i'm gona explain it a bit here please redownload patch-8.mpq at first.

You start in Pyrewood Village and Welcome Rookie quest is automatically added in your questlog.

Follow the tutorial questline in mall after you finish witouth any buffs you should get somewhere arround level 83-87 enough to be able to learn your basic spells before going in instances.

The last tutorial quest will lead you to Shadowfang Keep wich is the first leveling instance. SFK is right on top of the road after you leave Pyrewood Village.

In leveling instances you get XP by killing creatures and completing quests OFC.

During your jurney trough the leveling instances you'll notice that all boss dropp leveling gear wich at the end will help you start the jurney into the real deal on the server :D

UPDATED! Ragnarok realm closed for testing

UPDATE 5: We have fixed the issue and both realms are back up once again it turns out to be caused by someone. If you find anything else please post it in our bugtracker thank you and GL & HF

UPDATE 4: We are going to allow VIP access over night to test the latest changes to our core

UPDATE 3: Server will remain GM only over the night for a in depth check at this moment we can only assume to be another attack this time directly on the server caused by the same persons who done the attacks last week. Since we don't know 100% who done that but we assume from some sources will keep working to fix these issues instead of being harsh with another server , we always keept a policy "Let players choose where they want to play don't force them to stay" but sadly this is the way some servers try to get their players by attacking other servers.

UPDATE 2: We could't find the issue yet , will try again tomorrow because this is a really strange bug and the error logs and debugging does not offer any additional information to lead us to the right answer.

UPDATE: We turned realm back on but replaced hearthbreak buff with emergency mode one because this was the only change we've done before that error appeared.

We have closed the ragnarok realm to find out what was causing the latest client crashes , we will inform you wehn we find out what happened and realm will be back up then.

To help us find it faster please tell us where you were before getting the error you can post it on forum so we can check all the spots.

Latest Changes on Ragnarok Realm

We wanted to bring back some things that made our server become preety popular last year. Despite the latest attacks to our servers we are glad that you guys stick with us even in this situations so getting back on the topic we brought back the following.

-We were known for having the cheapest donation gear so we brought back the old prices , 5 DP/Armor Piece and offset, 10 DP/weapon! NOTE: If you already bought a weapon or a gear piece it won't get refunded!
-We brought back the old loved VIP buff [Heartbreak] this might require a restart to take effect

Moving to other hosting server

Tomorrow 08 AUGUST 2016 we are going to perform a switch to our new hosting server , we expect better functionality and for that we are going to turn off both realms for 2-3 hours to make sure each data is correctly ported on the new server. During that time website and forum might be down too.

We are sorry for any inconvenience. Thorium Staff Team !