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Thorium WoW

A new WOTLK Fun high stats PVE server concept with progressive gearing

Website is under construction and is missing some of the features
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Latest updates

Just n case you missed the latest revisions here are the updates and changes

Rev: 127 15 September 2016 Added refund vendors in mall talk to mall guard to teleport

Rev: 129 15 September 2016
-Added artifact refunder quests
-Updated refund quests and added a vote token requirement also changed the MT refund price to 2 MT
-Removed broken shield display ids from transmog vendors

Rev: 128 14 September 2016
-Fixed hit rating
-Fixed Druid forms
-Fixed Sulfuras Hand of Ragnaros HP

Rev: 127 13 September 2016 Removed the magic immune shield from WSG guardians

Rev: 126 13 September 2016 Fixed Jaraxxonus crashing issue

Rev: 125 12 September 2016 Fixed Ranged Weapons range

Rev: 124 12 September 2016 Updated quest requirements for artifact quests

Rev: 123 12 September 2016 Updated Jaraxxonus's frenzy timer so he won't spam it anymore

Rev: 122 12 September 2016 Increased the time between Hulk's shadowbolt volley casting

Rev: 121 12 September 2016 Buffed Death knight Blood Plague

Rev: 120 12 September 2016 Fixed pvp token requirements on VOA Artifact Cloaks

Worgen model data was fixed

-Fixed invincible reins missing texture
-Fixed Paladin Vengeance missing particles causing a green square flickering on character hands
-Fixed Death Knight Bloody Vengeance missing particles causing a green square flickering on character hands

The following fixes will take effect after we upload the new patch-4.mpq we are going to announce when it will be ready for download

From now on we are going to clear the extra files from our patches and with every new update the patches will be lower in size we are trying to keep just the most important files.

Worgen model data was now fixed and not showing as a Fel Orc anymore

Flying mounts were fixed and now only usable in Outland and Northrend

Please redownload patch-8.mpq else your client might crash when you get close to a worgen character.

Download newest patch-8: https://mega.nz/#!jRQ3xKyJ!RcJG-ywA_ZMrfYZdTIAquGCX7Jjd9qRIEwPDortAT18

New update announcement

UPDATE: Some fixes were applied on the realm please keep an eye on the changelog

UPDATE: The new update was succesfully applied , please redownload patch-8.mpq and if you have any issues redownload patch-4 too

Changes in the latest patch

-Fixed several broken textures on items
-Added 140+ mounts from higher expansions including WOD
-Added an boss event spawner system
-Added new event boss (Can only be spwned by GMs)
-Added Legendary capes with MOP cape visuals (Event Boss drop and questing)
-Added 2 custom made models Stave of Universe and Claymore of the Universe

Things to be added on later updates

-Upgrades for Stave of Universe and Claymore of the Universe
-Upgrades for Legendary capes
-Update VOA loot templates

UPDATE: We are going to extend the downtime period for a deeper check on the new update to make sure everything will work perfectly smooth after oficiall release

Today 06/09/2016 - 07/09/2016 we are going to apply the new update.

Server will be closed for 3 hours for testing purpose before the oficiall release.

Downtime 9:00PM - 01:00 AM UTC+2

New Patches

Due to several changes on patch-f I've decided to rename it to patch-4.mpq and later fixes and additions can be added in smaller patches or just updating the patch-8.mpq.

Wy we've done this changes ? We want to bring more and more from later patches to 3.3.5a recently we managed to export many creatures and items from expansions up to Legion ans some of them are already ingame.

Things that we are already aware that does not work.

-Old premium mounts most of them havge a default model and not the one that should use this will be fixed in later update and won't require aditional patches since is just database work.

You can download the new patches from website by now!


Youtube video contest ended

UPDATE: After another talk and review over the videos we decided to give Shame 2nd place due to video quality and accurate representing the server in his video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pu9yi3-4_EU

This event ended , after we talked a bit we decided that none of the videos are good enough to fit the 1st and 2nd places.

fourtwenty should have got the 3rd place but due to him not respecting the rules of the contest and his video was not public he will receive the entry level reward along with the other participants. Please make a ticket ingame to receive your 15 merchant tokens if you have posted a video in this contest.

Thank you for participating.
Thorium WoW staff!