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Thorium WoW

A new WOTLK Fun high stats PVE server concept with progressive gearing

Website is under construction and is missing some of the features
Set Realmlist
We are looking for 2 Trial Gamemasters if you think you will be a good addition to our team please feel free to post your application Here
We are extending our spring offer so for every donation during this month you receive 50% more donation points, ex: 20$ = 30DP
Top Ranking Giveaway
Since we have applied the new update we decided to start this little event so, if we reach top 30 on XtremeTop100 during this month, at the beginning of the April (*don't worry no April fools here) we are going to launch a new giveaway once again random rewards this can be material, buffs, vote tokens and donation tokens.

So how is this going to run, when you vote on XtremeTop100 please complete the captcha then submit your vote. As in the following image.

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Accepting Bitcoin Donations

Starting from today we are accepting bitcoin donations, if you want to donate using bitcoint please post a reply on the forum post and I am going to send you a PM with the required information.

Donations via BITCOIN will give you the amount of DP of the bitcoin value during the following day.


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World boss event.
Hello there guys. We will do a world boss event tomorrow instead of today. And we make one on sunday aswell. So you are welcome and join us then.

Best Regards// Thorium Wow Staff

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PVP Update part 3 - Old School Battle Tokens
Buffing system seem to ballance a bit the PVP and will be refined over time to get it to a perfect shape until that we've done some changes and fixes as follows. Starting by today you can get the requirements for the upcoming PVP gear by joining in Warsong Gulch, battle chests will give you 1 more reasson to join due to the updated rewards wich include daily tokens, materials, pvp tokens, and battle tokens

-Updated BG Chests loots
-Updated PVP token
-Added the Old School Warsong Gulch battle tokens (*requirement for the upcoming pvp gear)
-Fixed Battleground End messages
-Changed the chance ...Read More!

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BG Buffing system Updates
Here are the changes done so far on the buffing system, remember this sytem is in early beta stages and next time you find a major bug please post it on forum along with details how to reporduce the bug so we can fix it as soon as possible and add the rest of the content and here we talk about the PVP gear.
-Battle Defense Buffs were turned into Death Persistent buffs and removed from .thw buffs
-Deserter was enabled and reduced to 5 minutes
-Fixed buffing system, now unequiping and re equiping gear in bg won't allow you to get other buffs than you max saved HP

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