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Thorium WoW

A new WOTLK Fun high stats PVE server concept with progressive gearing

Website is under construction and is missing some of the features
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Happy Pirate

Greetings Thorium,

I am pleased to announce that as it is Pirate's Day, we have a special custom event for this day. Arrrg' ye' matey and good luck getting ye' treasure!

You can join in under the "Event" section on your Teleporting Stone.

Happy Pirate's Day from all of the Thorium-WoW Team,

Co-Owner & Head Developer,

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Crash Prevention Tip
Dear Thorium wow players, we noticed that after the last update some of you are having hard times getting client crashes. We suspect the cause being patch-5 so if you are having troubles please just move that patch to your desktop until we manage to fix the issue

Thank you for reading and regards from all of the Thorium Team,
Owner Darksoke

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Thorium Update 2.5 - Spoilers/Previews

Greetings Thorium,

I've decided to show you guys a sneak peak at my newest update which will be released soon.

The idea brings a brand new custom 5-man instance which will require a group of well geared players to fight your way to the end to achieve your newest and final upgrade in your weapons.

These weapons are called "Artifacts" and will be the final upgrade for any person with a rank 10 weapon currently and will be equal to a level 1 donation weapon upgrade. (Of course, donation weapons will be upgradable to higher points) but these weapons will requ ...Read More!

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Weekend Boss Event!
Greetings Thorium! Greetings Thorium! It's That Time Again Friday and Satuday will be our weekly Boss Event. Please make sure you are online during the hours of 12pm Server Time and 1pm Server Time Friday and Saturday server time, be online to be invited.
Best Regards Maramage - Advanced Gm - Thorium Wow Staff.

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Custom Gems update applied

-New group instance Halls of Lightning, will require a little group of DPS, dropp depend on dungeon difficulty so 5m normal -> common, uncommon and rare gems and heroic-> rare, epic and legendary gems

-Yes you heard it clear group instance , that mean you won't be able to use any kind of Zerk, you can't use bind home to teleport directly to a boss

-A gem disenchanter, you will be able to disenchant all custom gems into gem dust usable for gem upgrades.

Gem upgrades will soon be added in our custom upgrading NPC s ...Read More!

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