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We have started a 50% More DP discount for every donation, you might also want to check our OFFERS LIST

Thorium WoW

A new WOTLK Fun high stats PVE server concept with progressive gearing

Website is under construction and is missing some of the features
Set Realmlist

New offers list

  • *Full level 1 donation gear + level 1 offsets(Includes Weapons) + bags + VIP Rank = 100$ (Bonus, free title "The Savior")
  • *Full level 2 donation gear + level 2 offsets(Includes Weapons) + bags + VIP Rank = 150$ (Bonus, free title "The Savior")
  • *Full level 3 donation gear + level 3 offsets(Includes Weapons) + bags + VIP Rank = 200$ (Bonus, free title "The Savior")
  • *Full level 3 PVP Gear + level 3 offsets + level 3 weapons = 150$ (Bonus, free title "Remorseful Gladiator")
  • *Full level 2 PVP Gear + level 2 offsets + level 2 weapons = 100$ (Bonus, free title "Remorseful Gladiator")
  • *Unlimited Berserks = 100$ (Was 300$)
  • *Show us that you have liked our facbook page = Free level 255 Boost + 3x Each Type of Loot Crates
Thorium Update 3.3! - UPCOMING THINGS

Greetings Thorium,

As you have probably guessed it from the teaser picture, we have some BIG news for you as we have a rather large update coming soon and this announcement will just go into detail on some of the new changes which will be coming to Thorium. Lets begin shall we!

First thing first,


What comes with a new race... is new content, content being that WARLORDS OF DRAEN ...Read More!

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Recent downtime announcement
Dear thorium players, we are really sorry for the downtime, our server was generating a segmentation fault error unexpectedly, it look like the root of the issue came from characters database so we had to use an old backup and recover every character. Server is back up but you should expect the following

  • -Missing some items

  • -Missing certain titles

  • -Missing Transmogrification from items ot transmogrification sets

  • -Missing gold

  • -Missing total kills

  • -Missing honor

  • -Guid items missing

...Read More!

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Transmogrification Event Winners! 25/01/18
Greetings Thorium,

Our transmogrification event has ended and I'd like to announce the winners below!

Crave, Sunhastedie, Solemn,

Runners up:

If you won the event, please be sure to check your in-game ...Read More!

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Thorium Update 3.2!

Greetings Thorium,

Here comes another small update in addition to our latest patch changes and I'd love to announce that Warlords of Draenor Challenge Mode weapons are now in-game for transmogrification! Visit Dragon Aspect Malygos to view them. Make sure you have the latest Patch-8!

Thank you and regards,
Co-Owner & Head Developer,

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Thorium Update 3.1!

Greetings Thorium,

As you are all aware, we have a new world boss coming - 'Poseidon' which is being released later today/tonight but I have decided to write up a small teaser so you can all get excited and ready to slay the mighty king of the sea.

Poseidon will be the new focus on players upgrading and obtaining a new tabard. This tabard will be the same equal stats as the upgradable shirts from Archimonde the Defiler and will provide more obtainable offsets for players.

His loot table will consist of two unique/rare items.

One being 'Rein ...Read More!

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