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Thorium WoW

A new WOTLK Fun high stats PVE server concept with progressive gearing

Website is under construction and is missing some of the features
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We are looking for trial GMs , post your application Here
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The wait is finally over....
Greetings Thorium,

I finally bring to you our first material exchanger / converter. This new NPC can be located in the global mall, upstairs on the second level above our Title NPC. We hope you enjoy this newest addition and use it to your hearts content.

Server Administrator Fauxshaux

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World Bosses
Hello, At the moment it seems we have some wierd disconnection issues.
The Weekly World bosses is canceled for today, and we hope to figure out what the problem is.

If the problem is solved until tomorrow we are going to make a special event.

Thank You
// Staff Manager, Asylum

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Surprise Boss Event

Greetings Thorium,

Since we have changed a bit the damage system for our world boss, today Monday, February 13 at 10:40 server time (please use the ingame stopwatch) I'll be running a special World Boss Event.

This event is meant to test the new system and also grant our players some extra materials, every world boss will be killed twice including the Champion of The Trial so let's create a big raid group and have some fun, I'll be ingame until that for further questions. Don't worry everyone will win something even if you don't loot an good item you will receive a speci ...Read More!

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Server is back up
Dear Thorium WoW players,

Or server is back up, during this maintenance we have fixed lots of minor and major errors and the game should run way smoother than before.

We are sorry for the downtime and waiting for you ingame.

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Important Announcement
Dear Thorium WoW players,
We will be running a maintenance which require our server to be closed for few hours, in this maintenance we are trying to fix the recent DCs issues.

Sorry for any inconvenience, the server will be up in few hours and we are going to announce it.

Have a nice day,
Thorium WoW Owner

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