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Thorium WoW

A new WOTLK Fun high stats PVE server concept with progressive gearing

Website is under construction and is missing some of the features
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We are looking for trial GMs , post your application Here
Don't forget about or Youtube Video Contest you can win really nice rewards just by participating Here
Weekly Boss Event 21/01/2017
Greetings Thorium,

Saturday will be our weekly Boss Event, Calamir - the Keeper of Ice and Souls.

Please make sure you are online during the hours of 12pm Server Time and 1pm Server Time so you can be invited.

Thank you and regards,
Senior Gamemaster Aleyia

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Netherwing Drake Invasion!

Greetings Thorium!

Today is the day that the Netherwing Drakes invade Darkshore and Apothercary Hummel needs your help.

-Added six new quests
-Added six new NPCs
-Added six collectable mounts and one pet
-Updated Netherwing Eggs

Several Netherwing Eggs are hidden all over the global mall. Its your job to find and collect all these eggs to be rewarded. Are you up for the challenge?!

Server Administrator Fauxieshaux

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Small Paladin Fix!

-Added Paladin Only Quest
-Updated Paladin Trainer
-Added New Paladin only Scroll

*Paladins are now able to speak to their trainer to receive a Scroll of Resurrection, so you will finally be able to bring your dead party members back to life.

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The Chosen Champion update 4.5

The Chosen Champion
A new hardcore World Boss is waiting you to group up and fight against him. He is The Chosen Champion, Arthas, after he kneel in front of Kel'Thuzad he became the Trial Champion. Fight against him and try to recover the powerful artifact cloaks.

Update 4.5 Changelog
-Added 6 more upgrades for Onyxia's offset
-Turned King's Frostmourne into Party loot
-Made all King's cloaks bind on equip
-Doubled the agil ...Read More!

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Youtube Video Contest is close to an end
Once again we are going to launch this event where you can win some cool perks , event start today 13 NOVEMBER and will end up on 1ST of FEBRUARY 2017

Rules are the following:
  • -Video must be a presentation video not a tutorial
  • You can be assisted by a GM who is only allowed to give you fly mode and speed
  • Video must be uploaded public on your YouTube channel
  • Only 1 video / player (User) will be took in consideration

  • 1st place - Elite Member Rank + a full donator character including bags
  • 2nd place - Full donator character including offsets and weapons witouth bags
  • 3rd place - Choose between full donator armor or full donator offset including weapons
  • Every other entry in this contest receive 15 Merchant Tokens no matter what as soon as the video respect all the rules

We are going to choose the winners by the quality of the video and how much it describe our server , you can choose the rewards on what realm you want
  • If there are not enough videos to classify them and quality of posted videos is really low they will directly be awarded with participation prize!!
  • We reserve the right to not give 1st to 3rd place if none of the videos quality is decent enough!!

Submit your video today http://scriptarea62.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=80&t=387