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Crash Prevention Guide If you are having troubles using the new patches, by troubles I mean client crashes, then just follow this fast guide how to fix it.

1. Make sure you close the game if you are curently playing.
2. Move to your WoW/Data Folder, create a new folder name it however you want.
3. Move patch-4.mpq and patch-8.mpq in the newly created folder
4. Delete Cache Folder to get rid of the corrupted cache
5. Start the game and login, game will create a fresh cache folder. While you are logged in, take off all your gear and put it in the bags
6. Close the game to be able to reinstall patches
7. Move back the patches in your data folder
8. Relaunch the game and reequip your gear

Now you should get rid of the crashes, Enjoy!
Special thanks to
Vyn for discovering this solution