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Rules & Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get a refund?
- No we don't give any kind of refunds. This apply to every payment addressed to Thorium-WoW no matter what payment method you used (direct/phone/donation panel).
Can I get a refund for tokens?
- No please before buying something take a look twice.
I lost my armor/items can I get them back?
- No please use .save after you get an item to make sure you won't loose your progress in case of a rollback. If you loose an item from your backpack because of any of the systems, you must be aware that all systems have a warning and you won't be refunded for your lost items.
Where do I download the patches?
- We have a guides page on the website and patches can be found under Connection Guide.
Why are my items red question marks?
- This usually happens when you've not installed the custom patch or once have the patches have not deleted your cache.
Why can't I use my weapons?
- This could simply be the same problem as above, you need to install the custom patch to use the custom weapons or if you have already done so, need to close wow.exe and venture to your installation folder and delete the file called "Cache" after deleting your cache you can then relaunch the game.
What is the best class?
- There is no right or wrong class to play and joining a server to only play the best class will just annoy people it is simply best to pick the class you enjoy playing, asking people what the best class is especially if you're one of those people who want to donate for the best class will simply gain enemies as certain People take pvp very seriously here.
Can I transfer my gear from a character to another?
- No we are not accepting transfers anymore so please be careful on what character you buy the gear.
Can anybody donate for me from donation panel?
- If someone donate for you you must take care, make sure you know the person because in case of a payment cancellation or reclaim, your characters/account will be banned or every donator item will be removed from your characters.
Ingame Rules
#1) It is strictly forbidden to abuse known bugs/exploits, not reporting known bugs and asking for rewards instead will suppose to be exploit and punished.
- Abusing any known exploit or bug to gain an unfair advantage over players, this can include finding bugs and exploits with the intent of asking for a reward in return and using bugged paths to get into closed or restricted areas. Depending on the exploit severity it may lead to a 12hr ban followed by a week and if continued a permanent ban.
#2) Arena/battleground win trading,honor win trade/farming. Also refer to rule #14.
- Arena, Battleground, honor farming or win-trading is strictly forbidden and all parties involved will be punished, there will be no warning, 1st time you will be kicked out of arena/battleground and apply Deserter Buff, 2nd time 3 days character ban, 3rd time permanent ban on character. If persist you will be permanently banned on the account/ip.
#3) Text adjustments and automatic macros.
- Using any form of addon or macro to color your text, spam or make text adjustments.

(Example; fake Blizz icon and other forms) will lead

to a warning / 15 minute mute. If caught again, 1day character ban and if you carry on then its a permanent IP ban.
#4) Pretending to be a team member.
- It is strictly forbidden to pretend to be a member of the ThoriumWoW staff team. If caught, it will lead from a 7 days ban to permanent ban on account and ip.
#5) Vulgarisms, offensive language, trolling, racism, writing the entire sentence using caps etc. in world chat/say/whisper or any other kind of chat.
- This includes Arguing in world chat,swearing,being disrespectful, talking in another language, discussing in-game bugs & class issues, or spamming the chat. First you'll be muted for 15 minutes. Second 30 minutes. Third 1 day char ban. If you will still continue then 3 day account ban.
#6) It is forbidden to name in-game characters or pets with vulgar, insulting, ill mannered or mocking expressions. At the same time, it is forbidden to choose names which are the same as or similar to the names or nicknames of anyone in the server team.
- You'll be given a warning with a forced re-name and if caught again a 3 day ban will be issues. Which will then lead to a permanent ban depending on how often you are caught.
#7) It is forbidden to spam any forms of world chat. This could be in-game tickets, whispers, world chat, any form of chat.
- This applies to mentioning other server names and advertising other servers as well. You'll be given a 15 minute mute and if you carry on it will lead to an hour mute or a 3 day ban, depending on how often you are caught. Advertising other servers lead to a permanent ban without any warning.
#8) Repeatedly creating new characters for the purpose of harassing a player that added the previous character of the same player to his/her ignore list.
- First you'll get warning. Second is 1d char ban. Third 3d account/IP. Last is perma.
#9) Modifying the functioning of the client or its communication with the server. This means fly hacking,speed hack,teleport hacking etc. along with the use of autocasting macros.
- This includes but is not limited to speed hacks, teleport hacking or even unmanned play. Such as botting. First you'll get 2 day account ban. Second a 7 day account ban then if continued permanent account ban.
#10) Trading, Selling, Exchanging or Sharing accounts made under the trademark of Thorium-WoW/GamingZeta is strictly forbidden.
- If found, all accounts will be investigated with screen shots as proof and conversations from both parties or ip bans will occur no second chances.
#11) Account/Character Ban Evasion and or Mute Evasion
- If you are caught in the act of evading a ban/mute more than a total of 3 times and continue flaming, complaining or threating, your general ban will be increased to 5 days, where as your mute shall be raised to a total of 24 hours.
#12) Violating the Event, rules or intentional spoiling of Events
- This means not listening to gm during an event or leaving the raid group while fighting a boss to steal the loot.1st time you'll be banned for 1 hour, 2nd time you will be banned for 3 days, then permanently banned if continued.
#13) Battleground set of rules
- This means not attacking players on the other faction's team, farming kills in the graveyard, being AFK in the graveyard, not helping your allies, multiboxing to get into a battleground, honor farming atempts by remaining alone in battleground. The use of beserking potions or noob potions to have an advantage during the battleground either. Depending on the severity you will be kicked out of BG, Have the Judge's Hammer buff applied which prevents you from rejoining for up to 2 hours or 1 to 30 day character ban.
#14) World PvP is allowed, however killing players who are in World boss/ instance areas is strictly forbidden.
- No matter the intent, killing players in world boss and instance areas is forbidden. This includes the donor instance.

Players found attacking others in these zones will receive a 3 day character ban, if continued a 3 day account ban. Further offences will increase ban length, up but not limited to a perm ban.
#15) Asking Staff Members for Free Items and/or Spells
- First time will be a warning, the second time will be a 15 minute mute and the third time will be a 30 minute mute. If this continues it will lead to an account wide hour long mute.
#16) World Boss Teaming up allowance set of rules
- Not inviting players who ask for invite to world boss is not allowed or the group leader not asking "look for more" in chat. If you are alone on the server we may overlook this rule. If caught you will be given a warning and if caught again, all items will be removed from your inventory and/or be muted for 30 minutes.
#17) When making a forum report against a staff member or player, please provide the full image - uncut/unedited
- If your proof does not describe/include enough information of the reported action report will be denied, if believed to be faking screenshots/images with the intent to have others get into trouble will lead to a 1 day ban. Please as much as possible post motion proofs depending on the issue severity.
#18) Multiboxing set of rules
- Multiboxing is not allowed anymore on the realm, whoever will be caught multiboxing depending the cause of using it, will be punished as follows. First time warning, 3 Days ban on account followed by permanent ban on account and ip. If caught using it for boosting daily rewards you will get 3 days ban without any warning.
#19) Honor Farming in FFA/PVP areas
- Our automated system warn gms when you are honor farming if they receive the alerts you will be automatically punished, if you want to test something or have some fun please use 1 vs 1 Skirmish Arena or Duel Area. 1st time both parts will be banned for 3 days on characters next time both players will be permanently banned.
#20) Farming in levelroad is prohibited
- You are not allowed to farm materials or boost your alts/players in the level road as a 255 character. If you get caught farming then you will be warned once, next time you will receive a 1h character ban leading to an account ban if you continue.
#21) Visuals & Scaling Items/Toys
- Only three visuals are allowed in the global mall and you can't enlarge your size/scale anymore than the size '2' which is equal to the item 'Elixir of Giant Growth'. Anymore than this you will be warned and all effects till be unaura'd from you. If you are caught again, you'll be locked for 5 hours. Final time, the item(s) in question will be removed from your inventory, no refunds either.
#22) Prohibited use of Toys in BGs
- Using any item that modifies your scale in a battleground to give yourself an unfair advantage is not allowed. Example: Noggenfogger to make yourself extremely small and untargetable. If caught, you will be warned and removed from the BG, if caught a second time, you will be given Judge's Hammer - not allowing you to join any BG / Arena for two hours.