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Latest changelog
Posted on May 12, 2022, 11:51 am
Minor QOL change
- Mall is now Sanctuary
- Fixed Timeless Coins in the currency tab

- Fixed an issue where the Timeless Isle creatures (Crag Stalkers, Yaks, Cranes, etc) were weaker than the Bloodmarking Zone creatures (Voidscarred Brutes)
- Increased the drop rate for Anima XP Emblems (Rank 6) to 60% from 40%
- Added Anima XP Emblems (Rank 10) to the BM Zone at 20%
- Updated all costs for the Bloodmarking Quartermaster Tab
- Implemented a new mount to the Bloodmarking Quartermaster Tab
- Until further notice, the following command '.combat' has been disabled from being used by players due to an exploit.
- Implemented a new daily quest for Argus the Unmaker and Aggramar.
- Implemented new Armored Druid forms for Cat/Bear/Moonkin
- Implemented new Legion forms for Cat/Bear to the Druid Questing Zone.
- Adjusted the prices for all farmable runes sold by Malfurion for Corrupted Gem Stones.
- Fixed several visual issues when using the

Minor QOL Change
- Adjusted the Artifact levels that increase your Unleashed Artifact Buff. New values are;
- Artifact Level 1 = Unleashed Artifact I (Rank 1)
- Artifact Level 50 = Unleashed Artifact II (Rank 2)
- Artifact Level 100 = Unleashed Artifact III (Rank 3)
- Artifact Level 150 = Unleashed Artifact IV (Rank 4)
- Artifact Level 200 = Unleashed Artifact V (Rank 5)
- Artifact Level 300 = Unleashed Artifact VI (Rank 6)
- Artifact Level 400 = Unleashed Artifact VII (Rank 7)
- Artifact Level 500 = Unleashed Artifact VIII (Rank 8)
- Artifact Level 600 = Unleashed Artifact IX (Rank 9)
- Artifact Level 700 = Unleashed Artifact X (Rank 10)
- Artifact Level 750 = Unleashed Artifact XI (Rank 11)
- Artifact Level 800 = Unleashed Artifact XII (Rank 12)
- Artifact Level 850 = Unleashed Artifact XIII (Rank 13)
- Artifact Level 900 = Unleashed Artifact XIV (Rank 14)
- Artifact Level 1000 = Unleashed Artifact XV (Rank 15)

- Transmogrification Weapons from CATA to WOD now cost 1,000 Transmogrification Tokens instead of 1,000 Azerite Fragments.
Latest changelog
Posted on April 3, 2022, 9:49 am
Major QoL change
- All retail loot was removed from Ragefire Chasm (Tier 11 - 15)
- Generation 3 Gem drop ratio was also increased.
- Visually updated the instance models aswell.
- Implemented "farmable" VIP buffs from the VIP Quartermaster. These include: Sayge Buffs, revamped Greater Flask of Demon Souls, Generic Flasks and more coming soon™?
- Adjusted VIP prices for Ranks 1 - 8 New prices can be found via ????server_information on discord
- Fixed an issue where Goblin Shipbuilders (Deadmines) still dropped retail items upon being killed.
Latest news
Posted on October 7, 2021, 12:02 am
As we continue working towards PVP features, we decided to completely remove Titan's Grip
Titan's GripRank 1
Allows you to equip two-handed axes, maces and swords in one hand. While you have a two-handed weapon equipped in one hand, your physical damage done is reduced by 10%.
from non warrior characters as well as removing it from vip skills command so please be aware of that, if you had Titan's Grip
Titan's GripRank 1
Allows you to equip two-handed axes, maces and swords in one hand. While you have a two-handed weapon equipped in one hand, your physical damage done is reduced by 10%.
when you log in to your character, your off hand weapon will be mailed to in game mailbox within the next 30 minutes to 1 hour. It's important for us to take this action in order to balance the PVP as much as possible.

We know it may not sound fair because most of you spent DP or VP to buy it. Well in order to compensate that, all accounts were rewarded with 1000 VP and 150 DP.

On a side note, thank you for continuing to vote on xTremetop100 while our callback link was broken, we're still staying strong on place 13 and for this, all accounts were rewarded with 500 VP and 50 DP a couple days ago.

You guys can take this as a come back welcome gift. If you are an old player returning to our server, you'll be gifted with a good amount of VP and DP upon logging in.

Thank you for reading and understanding,
Regards @Darksoke, @Fauxieshaux and the Thorium WoW Team.