Connection guide - Thorium WoW


Always stay updated by downloading our launcher

Download the full 3.3.5a WOTLK client if you don't have it already!

This is a modified game exe file that allows us to modify the game user interface making custom races and custom loading screens available. Please download it and use it to launch the game !

This patch is mandatory to be able to use your skills, fix "?" weapon icons, it also fixes some ingame perks like; custom vendor prices, tooltip changes, custom races, etc.

This patch is required. As its used to see our custom creature models, mounts, etc.

This patch is required. As its for our custom maps, gobjects, doodads and more.

This patch is required. As its for our custom item models, spellvisuals, particles, armour sets and more.

AIO is an addon that allows you to view our custom UI features like Mounts collection and ingame Shop

This patch is purely optional but will give you updated terrain textures and visual improvements in-game.

Installing the requirements

If you don't have the client installed, you can install any new 3.3.5 WOTLK client as long as your data folder doesn't contain any custom patches from other servers.

After you've finished installing the game, you'll need our modified game launcher to avoid any GLUE XML issues that may appear when you try to log in due to the interface improvements and custom content. Download the launcher and place it near your wow.exe inside the game root folder; the launcher is simply a modified wow.exe; once you're done, launch the game using the new launcher; you can even delete the wow.exe because it's no longer needed.

Where to place the patches

Due to changes in our obligatory patch-8.mpq, setting up the realmlist is no longer necessary; the patch automatically switches the realmlist to our server's.However if you want to update it, open Data/enXX/ in notepad and replace all of the content with "set realmlist"

Data folder content

How your data folder should look after everything is properly setup

  • enXX - folder
  • common.MPQ - mpq file
  • common-2.MPQ - mpq file
  • expansion.MPQ - mpq file
  • lichking.MPQ - mpq file
  • patch.MPQ - mpq file
  • patch-2.MPQ - mpq file
  • patch-3.MPQ - mpq file
  • patch-5.MPQ - mpq file
  • patch-6.MPQ - mpq file
  • patch-7.MPQ - mpq file
  • patch-8.MPQ - mpq file