Heart of Azeroth

[Heart of Azeroth] is a very powerful endgame inventory item that harness the energy of [Azerite Fragments] awakening exceptional magical roles that posses latent powers. Begin your adventure in the mall by speaking with Calia Menethil and accepting Descending into Madness: She will lead you to Shado Pan Monastery, where you will encounter Ban Bearhart, The Monastery Keeper, the last monk who has escaped the Sha Demons. He needs your assistance to defend the monastery and put an end to Taran Zhu's craziness. Unleash the the Heart's power to enable the progressive buffs, this buff levels up automatically from Unleashed Artifact I to Unleashed Artifact XV based on your [Heart of Azeroth] current level. Activate wings visuals like Artifact Light Angel Wings Purple, for a cost of [Azerite Fragments]. Level up [Heart of Azeroth] to gain access to its sinergies, which are powerful passive abilities that will boost your power based on the role you choose.



Increases attack power by (10.000 * Role Rank) stamina by (Role Rank)% and bloodmarks gaining rate by (Role Rank)%


Increases your haste rating by (150 * Role Rank) attack power by (10.000 * Role Rank) and bloodmarks gaining rate by (Role Rank)%


Increases the attack, casting and movement speed of caster by (Role Rank)% and bloodmarks gaining rate by (Role Rank)%.


Surrounds the wearer into an invisible shield that reduces the damage taken by (Role Rank)% increases spell power by (20.000 * Role Rank) and bloodmarks gaining rate by (Role Rank)%


You are infused with the blood of the Vampyr Queen, damage done increased by (Role Rank)%, bloodmarks gaining rate increases by (Role Rank)% and gives a 2% chance to drain between (Role Rank * 3 and Role Rank * 4) health from the enemy (Scales with Spell Power).